Hypertension Phases I, II, III

Phase I:
Systolic Pressure    140 - 160 mm.Hg. (18.5 - 21 Kpa)
Diastolic Pressure     90 - 100 mm.Hg. (12 - 2.5 Kpa)
Phase II:
Systolic Pressure    150 - 180 mm.Hg. (20 - 24 Kpa)
Diastolic Pressure   100 - 110 mm.Hg. (12.5 - 14.5Kpa)
Phase III:
Systolic Pressure    160 - 200 mm.Hg. (21 - 29 Kpa)
Diastolic Pressure   100 mm.Hg.            (12.5 Kpa) or above up.


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