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Prime Acupuncture Needles J Type needle.

Prime  Needles - Japanese Design, German Technology. Perfect insertion, painless! Sterile, disposable stainless steel Acupuncture Needles with spiral wound metal handle. One needle with insertion tube per individually-sealed blister package. Box of 100 needles. 
Prime - Five Acupuncture Needles packaged for quick needle access. Sterile, disposable stainless steel acupuncture needles with spiral wound metal handle. Five needles and one tube secured in a plastic dispenser for easy access and protection. 20 pouches of 5 needles per box. Box of 100 needles.
Prime Acupuncture needles Disposable Chinese Acupuncture Needles are well known as one of the best Chinese Acupuncture needles available. The  Needles are made with the highest level of craftsmanship by selecting high-grade surgical stainless steel. Packaged using a bacteria-free manufacturing process, through ETO gas sterilization.

The Prime Acupuncture Needles  are FDA approved and have been used by Acupuncture professionals for years.

Prime  Acupuncture Needles are the best and most popular needles. Prime  Acupuncture Needles have been widely used by acupuncture practitioners and most schools of acupuncture and Chinese Medicines in USA, China, Europe, Australia, Canada, South America and all over the world. UNIFORM, SMOOTH INSERTION!

These needles comply with all International GMP (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE), quality and safety requirements.
CE 0434
ISO 9002
FDA 510
Pyrogen Free & Sterilized by ETO
Easy open packaging

Prime J Type Acupuncture Needles 100/Box
  Dia. x  Length     Price  
    0.12 x 15mm     $9.99  
    0.12 x 30mm     $9.99  
    0.14 x 15mm     $9.99  
    0.14 x 30mm     $9.99  
    0.16 x 15mm     $9.99  
    0.16 x 30mm     $9.99  
    0.16 x 40mm     $9.99  
    0.18 x 15mm     $9.99  
    0.18 x 30mm     $9.99  
    0.18 x 40mm     $9.99  
    0.20 x 15mm     $9.99  
    0.20 x 30mm     $9.99  
    0.20 x 50mm     $9.99  
    0.22 x 15mm     $9.99  
    0.22 x 30mm     $9.99  
    0.22 x 40mm     $9.99  
    0.25 x 15mm     $9.99  
    0.25 x 30mm     $9.99  
    0.25 x 40mm     $9.99  
    0.25 x 50mm     $9.99  
    0.30 x 15mm   $9.99  
    0.30 x 30mm     $9.99  
    0.30 x 40mm     $9.99  
    0.30 x 50mm     $9.99  


Single Blister, Single use Only. One Acupuncture Needle with insertion tube per individually-sealed blister package. Box of 100 Needles


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  Prime Acupuncture Needles Acupuncture TCM traditional chinese medicine Acupuncture Needle for Acupuncture Japanese Acupuncture Needles Products And Supply.


Pressure from the guide tube produces tension on the skin, preventing the skin from gripping the needle. Thus, the needle inserts smoothly and painlessly.

It is more difficult to smoothly insert the needle without a guide tube. Since the skin will become compressed and will not be easily penetrated.

Strongly hitting the top of the needle handle during insertion causes the needle to deflect resulting in uncontrolled insertion angles.

Acupuncture Needles Seven Star
Nano Tech Acupuncture Needles TCM traditional chinese medicine seven star Acupuncture Needles Seven Star Acupuncture Needles.


Seven Star Needles Pkg of 10   $21.99 Select Quantity    

Seven Star Needles Pkg of 20   $36.50 Select Quantity    

New, Sterile, disposable individually Sterile packaged, "Seven Star" Dermal Needles. Features a flexible, lightweight hammer with a plastic 6" long flexible handle. The replaceable hammerheads are designed with 7 stainless steel needles, 2 mm long. Each Pkg Includes 10 or 20 hammers, individually packaged, and sealed to maintain Sterility.

Each Package includes: 10pc or 20pc - select

Prime Acupuncture Needles J Type needle Acupuncture.
Acupuncture needles Supply Products

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