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HUMIDIFIER INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL HUMIDIFIER MISTING FAN ROOM AIR INDUSTRIAL AIR CLIMATE HUMIDITY COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL ROOM HUMIDIFIER FOGGING MISTING FAN PEDESTAL PORTABLE AIR INDUSTRIAL CLIMATE CONTROL COMMERCIAL HUMIDIFICATION CONTROL AIR HIGH PRESSURE we established in 1995 in Carlsbad CA 92011 we provide Industrial Humidifiers & Commercial Humidifiers and Residential Room Air Humidifiers Mist Fog Air Humidification. Our Humidity Control Helps Maintain Optimal Constant Air Humidity Level For Commercial Standard Requirements or Residential  Room Air Humidity & Human Breathing Comfort by

Air Ionizers



Humidifier Humidification Humidity Control Humidistat Industrial Humidifier Commercial.


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  Industrial Humidifier Misting Fan Humidifiers VersaFog Humidifier  Self Contain Cart Pedestals  Humidifier Commercial Humidifier  Portable High Pressure Pumps
Air Humidification Commercial Industrial Humidifier


36" Humidifier, 18" Self Contain Portable, 30" & 24" Pedestals 3/4hp.  High Velocity Fans, 3 Speeds, with a  Brass Stainless Still Nozzles, Stainless Still Powder-Coated Misting Rings.  Integral high-pressure (1,000 PSI), Positive displacement Pumps, Build in Primary Water Filters.

MISTING HUMIDIFIER 36" 3/4HP $4000.00 
MISTING  PEDESTAL 30" 3/4HP $2900.00
MISTING  PEDESTAL 24" 1/3HP $2800.00
MISTING  FAN CART  18"  170W $1499.00


Mist  Humidifier :                             Features               18" Mist Cart   &  24,30" Pedestal:
  •  High Velocity Oscillating Portable  Misting Fan.
  • VersaFog: 36", 1/2 hp, 2 speed,12 nozzles
  • Fan Misting Cart: 24",1/4 hp, 2speed, 6 nozzles
  • 24, 30" Pedestal Portable ---  3/4hp, High Velocity 3 Speed Oscillating  Misting Fan, 3.5 amp, 120v, 10 nozzles,
  • 18" Self Contain, Cart Portable --- 170W, 3 speed, 4 nozzles, 120 volt, 1.45 amps

Mist Humidifier:                 FUNCTIONS                     18" Mist Cart  &  24,30" Pedestals:
  • Increase Air Humidity
  • Air Recircullation
  • Air Recircullation
  • Increase Air Humidity

                                                      WHERE MIST FAN HUMIDIFIERS IS USED ?
  • Printing Industry
  • Tobacco Industry
  • Pat Shops, Zoo
  • Green Houses
  • Flowers Growing
  • Chicken-Breeding 
  • Textile, Electronic Industries Control Humidity
  • Vegetables Cultivation Humidification
  • Construction & Demolition Dust Suppression
  • Paper Industry
  • Poultry Industry
  • Printing Industry 
  • Growers, Nurseries Humidification
  • Dust Suppression
  • Research Chambers, Storage Room
  • Improve the production for the dairy, cattle, hog and poultry industry
  • Mushroom Cultivation Humidification

 Mist FAN Humidifier:               TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS     18" & Mist Cart &  Pedestals:
  • Voltage --------------- 110v. (specify if 220V.)
  • Horse Power ---------- Versafog 3/4 hp)
  • CFM Rating: ------- 11000 CFM
  • RPM --------------- 840
  • Amper ---- 6amp
  • Weight ---------------- 240 lb.
  • Oscillating Fan ------------ 36"
  • Nozzles ----------------- Versafog 12 nozzles       
  • Water Pressure --------- 1000pci.
  • Primary Water Filtration ----------- Build-In
  • Primary Water Filtration - Build-In
  • Non Corrosive Materials
  • Continuous Operation 
  • Power Consumption: ----------- 250w
  • Humidification Capacity: -- up to 10 w/gallon/hour
  • Humidification Coverage: 70,000sq.ft (and more )
  • Misting Ring ------------- Stainless-Steel, powder-coated
  • Water Source: ------- Regular Cold Water System
  • Auto drain valve reduces nozzle clogging
  • Brass & stainless steel nozzles and fixtures
  • Mist Fan Humidifier easily integrated with our THC-1" Humidistat (optional, not included) for automatic area humidification.


  • Ampere - 30" --------- 3amp, 18" - 1.5 amp
  • Voltage --------------- 110 v. (specify if 220V.)
  • CFM Rating: ------- 5100 CFM high/3920 CFM low
  • Horsepower: ---------- 170 W - 18",  3/4h/p - 30"
  • Weight: --------------- 107lbs
  • Nozzles --------------- 18" - 4 nozl, 30" 10 - nozl.
  • Oscillating Fan ----------- 30", 18".
  • Speeds ----------------------------- 3 speeds
  • Primary Water Filtration ----------- Build-In Filter
  • Non Corrosive Materials
  • Power Consumption: ------ 18" - 170W.  30" - 250w
  • Water Pressure -------------------- 1000pci.
  • Humidification Are - 18" - 45000sqf, 30" - 50000sqf
  • 18" -- 10 gallon water reservoir tank, 25 foot outdoor-rated power cord, pump is rated for one gallon per minute,  power cut-off tip switch.
  • Misting Ring -------------- Stainless-Steel, powder-coated
  • Water Source: ------- Regular Cold Water System
  • Auto drain valve reduces nozzle clogging
  • Brass & stainless steel nozzles and fixtures
  • Mist Fan Humidifier easily integrated with our THC-1" Humidistat (optional, not included) for automatic area humidification.

Mist VersaFog:                      INCLUDES                       Mist Pedestal:
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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Air Coolers Waycool Control Fog Mist Humidifier Industrial Commercial Machine Comercial.
Regular Model View
Hasard Location Model View
Oscillating Model View
waycool 1hp hasard $9092.00
waycool 1hp osc $3796.00
waycool  1hp $3334.00


WAYCOOL WC-1HP MODELS: WayCool Air Coolers reduces air temperature up to 20F! Now you can purchase our WayCool evaporative cooler With an Optional Oscillating Spout. With an arc of 110, the oscillating WayCool evaporative cooler distributes cool air to an even larger area.  No other evaporative cooler on the market offers this unique advantage. The unique WayCool design STILL dramatically outperforms all other portable evaporative coolers, with greater cool air output, smaller size, lower cost and good looks. Features apply to both models. 

  • High effiency cooling pads

  • High impact ABS plastic with UV protection

  • Simple maintenance required

  • Low operating cost

  • Continuous fill or manual fill

  • Cord connected

  • ETL certified for United States and Canada

  • Specifications:    

  • Velocity 40 MPH

  • Base 33x33         

  • Height 52"           

  • Discharge opening  9"x18"

  • 1HP, 115 Volts, Water Capacity 24 Gallons, 220 lbs. ship weight

  • WC-1HP-OSC: 24 gallon water capacity

WAYCOOL-1HP DHL HASARD LOCATION MODEL: Used Petroleum Refineries• Gasoline Storage Areas • Dispensing Areas• Dry Cleaning Plants • Spray Finishing Areas
• Aircraft Hangers • Fuel Servicing Areas• Utility Gas Plants
Typical Class II Locations: • Grain Elevators•Flour and Feed Mills
• Plants that Manufacture, Use or Store Magnesium or Aluminum Powders • Producers of Starch or Candies •Spice-Grinding Plants, Sugar Plants and Cocoa Plants• Coal Preparation Plants and other Carbon Handling or Processing Areas
Typical Class III Locations: Textile mills, Cotton Gins, Cotton Seed Mills, Flax Processing Plants Plants that Shape, Pulverize or Cut Wood and Create Sawdust or Flyings.
Comply Certifications:

  • Certified for Class I, Division 2, Group D & Class II, Groups F & G and Class III Hazardous (Classified) Locations: 
    Class I: Hazardous location is one in which flammable gases or vapors may be present in the air in sufficient quantities to be explosive or ignitable 

  • Class II: Are those areas made hazardous by the presence of combustible dust
  • Class III: Are areas where there are easily-ignitable fibers or flyings present, due to the types of materials being handled, stored, or processed.

  • Division 2: Not normally present in an explosive concentration (but may accidentally exist)

  • Testing/Certifications Standards: Electrical Equipment for Use in Class I and Class II, Division 2 and Class III Hazardous (Classified) Locations

  • UL 1604, Third Edition, October 6, 1995, Including: Bulletins dated 3/22/95 & 5/17/96]

  • Non-Incendive Electrical Equipment for Use in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations  [CSA C22.2 No. 213-M1987]

  • Electrical Fans [UL-507, Ninth Edition, 9/24/01 and Fans and Ventilators [CSA C22.2 No. 113-M1989. Sixth Edition]

  • Specifications:    

  • Velocity 40 MPH

  • Base 33x33         

  • Height 52"           

  • Discharge opening  9"x18"

  • 1HP, 115 Volts, Water Capacity 24 Gallons, 220 lbs. ship weight

(One year manufacturing warrantee)

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Humidifier Fog Mist Industrial Commercial Humidification HR-50 Control Humidistat.
See Humidifier Commercial Use
Residential Use View 1
Residential Use View2
More Larger View
See Residential Video Play 1
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Humidistat Humidity Controller Misting Fan Humidification Industrial Commercial Humidifier Fog Mist.
See THC-1 Control Control Larger View
Fogging - Misting Humidification  Industrial Residential & Commercial Humidifiers Centrifugal

Centrifugal Humidifier  $799.00    

Humidity Control THC-1  $259.00    

This Deluxe Industrial Grade Humidifier delivers excellent quality performance, easy fast installation, low maintenance, dependability. This Deluxe Industrial Humidifier, Design on a centrifugal concept to produce Fog Mist Humidification. This concept design, allow to by pass all of the burdens of : complicated installations, need of compressors, pumps, nozzles, drainage pipes, high maintenance, waste of space, heavy power consumption...Trouble-Free, Simple Structure With High Durable Qualities! Centrifugal Humidifier connected directly to a cold water supply, and fill it self automatically with build in Automatic-Fill Float Assembly without interruptions. Centrifugal Humidifier, quietly delivers up to 2 gal/hr of perfect Mist Fog. Humidifier easily integrated with our HCH-3" Humidistat (optional, not included) for automatic area humidification. Adjustable Direction Misting Head. Humidifier used in: Greenhouses Growers,  Mushroom Cultivation Humidification, Vegetables Cultivation Humidification, Residential Air Humidification, Orchids Humidification, Paper Industry, Printing Industry, Solariums Humidification, Zoo  Pat Rooms Humidification, Flowers Growers, Nurseries Humidification, Tobacco Industry, Dust Suppression, Textile, Chicken-Breeding Air Humidification....

Direct Cold Water System Connection, Very Quiet Operation, Continuous Operation, Centrifugal Principle Applied, No Special Installation Required, Completely Droplet - Free Aerosol Mist! Powerful and Heavy Duty Atomizer! No High Pressure Pumps Needed! No Water Filtration Necessary! No Nozzle Clogs! Easy to Carry From one Space to Another,Humidifier  can be Controlled automatically by "HCH-3"( humidity control humidistat, optional item)

Power Supply: 110V/60Hz. (or 220V/50Hz. Not Available), Power Consumption: 90W, Dimensions: --370 x 370 x 480mm. (16"x16"x20"), Humidification Capacity: -- up to 2 gallon/w/hour, Weight NP-50: --- 8Kg., Very Quiet Operation, Water Source: ------- Connects directly to Cold Water supply with 1/4in tubing. Fill it self automatically with build in Automatic-Fill Float Assembly without interruptions. Water Pressure: ------- Regular Tap Water Pressure, UL, CE: -------- Approved, Automatic-fill float assembly Design, Adjustable Direction Misting Head, One year manufacturer defects guaranty, insured shipping

(One year manufacturing warrantee)

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Humidity Controller Humidifier Industrial Commercial Machine.
THC-1 Control Connection Diagram
Humidity Control $259.00

THC-1 Humidity Control will Control humidity automatically and accurately. Humidifying or Dehumidifying Switch Mode provided on the Control THC-1. So The Control  can be switched between humidify and dehumidify modes: for add needed moisture to the controlled area by means of humidification or removing unwanted atmospheric moisture accumulating within an enclosed area. The THC-1 humidity switch controls Humidity Equipment by providing power to it, Humidity can be set and adjust with adjustable setting  Knob provided on Control.  In the Dehumidifying mode high humidity conditions (with an enclosed area) will activate fans or other dehumidifying apparatus until level drops approximately 5%. At this point dehumidifying equipment is disabled until humidity increases again 5%.

In the Humidifying mode this control operates Fogging or other Humidifying equipment by activating switches, motors, valves or pumps. Humidifiers can be precisely controlled according to atmospheric humidity to create ideal conditions for any environment. The 110V outlet receptacle receives power when Humidity % content becomes less then your preset on the Control.  

Voltage------- 120V 

Amperage --------- 15 amp maximum.

Sensor allows a 5% (differential) comfort zone between "on" and "off" functions. 

 The THC-1 can also be used with many other types of humidity equipment or any other electrically triggered appliances.

(One year manufacturing warrantee)

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Air Humidifier Fog Mist Humidification Commercial Air Humidifier Industrial Humidifier Air SUPPLY
VI-2000 $225.00
VI-2500 $255.00

The Wein high density negative ionizer takes over where nature stops by electronically generating a powerful stream of negative ions. The spiral emitter on the VI-2000 negative ionizer produces 70 trillion negative ions per second in intermittent pulses which "wash" the air at a rate of nearly 100 feet per minute.

(One year manufacturing warrantee)

More Information

Air Humidifier Fog Mist Humidification Humidity Control Commercial. AIR   SUPPLY
Air  Supply $165.00

Doctor recommended Air Supply is a tiny, battery-operated air purifier that you wear around your neck or in your shirt pocket. Contaminated air is drawn into the unit where potentially harmful materials are eliminated. Through the use of corona discharge technology, Air Supply projects a powerful stream of ions internally to eliminate odors and germs from the air that passes through it.

(Unlimited one year manufacturing warrantee)

More Information


Humidifiers Fogg>[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

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