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The Zero Tension Mouse™ supports your hand and hold it in a Relaxed Position. Vertical, Handshake Position allows you to rest the arm and shoulder on the cradle for the hand. With the Zero tension Mouse™ all of the Muscles of the Hand, Arm, Shoulder/Neck can relax and do so more effectively than with any other device in the world. Eliminates the Arm Twisting necessitated when using a traditional mouse. If you keep the mouse relatively close to the body the entire arm, shoulder and neck will relax. Most people feel an instant relief when switching to the Zero Tension Mouse™. The revolutionary Zero Tension Mouse™ allows all of the muscles of the hand, arm and shoulder to effectively relax. Developed by a true pioneer in the area of Overuse Injuries, Dr P Michael Leahy designed the Zero Tension Mouse to reduce the likelihood of developing Repetitive Strain Injuries. Whether you are working on the computer all day, gaming, or just surfing the net, the. Zero Tension Mouse™ will allow you to do it with greater comfort, ease and a smile. Systems Support: For a Microsoft® Windows®-based Computer:
One of the following operating systems:
Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition with 32 MB of RAM
Windows 2000 Professional or Server.
Windows XP Home Edition or Professional.

NOTE: This Mouse will not work with Windows 95 or Windows NT

For a Apple® Macintosh-based computer:
One of the following operating systems:
Mac OS 8.6 to 9.2.2
Mac OS X - 10.0 to 10.1.3
Mac OSX - 10.2 to 10.3.x
Only in USB Port Available
The "Zero Tension" Mouse comes in Two Sizes: Medium and Large.
The Medium fits most size hands, Medium and Small size hands

Large Sizes Hands: 7.5" or larger (Most Medium-Large Hands)

Medium Size Hands: Less than 7.5" (Most Small-Medium Hands)


Right And Left Mouse Buttons
Scroll Wheel Button
Compatible with all USB-enabled computers
Digital Optical Tracking
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