Dental Pathologies Disease Implant Model

Dental Pathologies Disease Implant Model

Dental Multiple Pathologies Disease Implant

NPG2861 Dental Pathologies Model NPG2861 Dental Pathologies Model

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Dental Multiple Pathologies, Disease Implant .... Full size Dental Model, hinged clear cast jaw to allow viewing of roots. Healthy side shows normal Dentition and occlusion. Affected side shows multiple pathologies, including: super eruption, apical alveolar abscess with caries, periodontal disease, lateral abscess, abfraction, irregular root curvature, impacted canine, erosion, fractured tooth, horizontal impact, radicular pulpitis, root canal with crown, internal resorption, attrition, external resorption of root, implants, and fractured root. Dental Model made specifically for Dental Schools Programs, to teach Students and understand Dental Pathologies, Disease Implants procedure. Implants Training, Experience.