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Childbirth Obstetric Pelvic Simulator Practice Manikin Delivery Anatomical Model

Advanced Child Birth

Advanced Child Birth Simulator Obstetric Manikin NPGRS500 Advanced Child Birth Simulator Obstetric Manikin NPGRS500

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Optional Cervix Vaginal Dilation Module Set of 5 Obstetric Simulators Manikin
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Childbirth manikin obstetric simulator model is an excellent training model for medical students to build confidence in and practice in Childbirth.

This versatile Childbirth Simulator is used worldwide by Healthcare Educators. It not only provides an excellent simulation of the Normal Delivery Experience for the student and educator, but also provides Instruction in Abnormal and Multiple Deliveries.

Used in Medical Schools and Doctor Offices, Legal Presentations. 

Demonstrate Obstetrical Procedures:

  • Fetal palpation
  • Normal Vaginal delivery
  • Complete, frank, and footling breech birth
  • C-section delivery
  • Ritgen's maneuver
  • Episiotomy
  • Vertex presentation
  • Intrauterine manipulation
  • Vertex/vertex, vertex/breech, breech/vertex, or breech/breech presentation in multiple birth
  • Prolapse of umbilical cord
  • Demonstration of placenta previa: total, partial, and marginal
  • Normal delivery of umbilical cord and placenta
  • Palpation of fetal fontanelles
  • Simulated Suction of Nose And Mouth

Features& Include:

  • Removable diaphragm cover & plate for manual positioning of Fetal baby/babies
  • Removable stomach cover for manual positioning of Fetus
  • Life-size pelvic cavity with all major anatomical landmarks and a hand-painted outline of the bony pelvis
  • One Baby Boy and One Baby Girl, Each with Umblical Cord & Placenta
  • Life size Pelvic Cavity & Magor Anatomic Landmarks
  • Ultra-soft vulval insert for episiotomy exercises
  • Simulated dorsosacral position for realistic delivery technique
  • Hand-painted outline of the bony pelvis
  • Forceps can be used during simulation
  • All parts in this simulator are replaceable
  • Spare stomach cover
  • One clear Stomach Cover
  • Two spare vulval inserts
  • Four spare umbilical cords
  • Carrying Bag

Optional 5 Cervical Vagina Dilation:

Five Labor Stations, Selected to represent conditions of the Cervix and Vagina prior to labor, during labor, and at Birth in a Primigravid Woman Stations may be placed in Birth Canal of Advanced Childbirth Simulator. Stations illustrated are: STA -5 prior to onset of labor; STA -4 cervix Partially Effaced; STA -3 cervix Fully Effaced; STA 0 fetal head at plane of ischial spine: STA +2 Cervix Nearing Full; dilation; STA +5 crowning of Fetal Head Labor Delivery Module is designed to be used as a series of models that can be: a) Passed around a classroom to compare the condition of Cervix as labor progress.