human x-ray images

Human X-Rays Dental Body Skeletal Bones Intestine Foot Arm Hip Images

NSB313-27G Human X-Ray Images Set 23 NSB313-27G Human X-Ray Images Set 23

Buyamag INC


23 Human X-Rays images foot arm, skeletal bones, Dental, Broken Bones. Blood Vessels, Intestine. Look at bone growth in the hand, how a fractured leg heals, follow food along the intestine and see how teeth develop. Special techniques even show the stomach, blood vessels, and other internal organs.

Human X-Ray Education Set of 23 Features:

  • Dental X-Ray Images
  • Teeth Development
  • Broken Bone, Bone Growth
  • Hand, Foot X-Ray Photos
  • Chest, Hip X-Ray Photos
  • Blood Vessels, Internal Organs
  • Intestines, Follow Food along Intestine

Used in Dental Schools, Radiography Reading, Observing Teeth Development, Medical Schools educational programs and practicing Reading X-Ray Films Pediatric X-Ray Dental Work, Radiography Reading Students Experience & Training.