Prof. Holger Hannemann in his book "Magnet Water Therapy"

High acid and denatured food will lead sooner or later to metabolic acidosis, clogging up the entire organism. Metabolism burdened by high acidity will be stressful to nervous system, cause tension, heart, and breathing problems, headaches, migraines, gall bladder, kidney problems, high blood pressure, and much more.

The best way to support cleansing process is by drinking magnetized water daily. Drinking magnetized water is helpful when a general cleansing of the body is necessary. Many studies have shown that magnetized water revitalizes the organism.

Finally, it is well known that almost all enzyme and fermentation processes are possible only within a certain pH environment. If the pH value of your body changes over the prolong period of time - either to the acid or the base side, problems will arise that may influence your health.


REMEMBER: the human body is 70% water and is completely renewed every 14 days. This is why using magnetized water is a basic thing to do for wellness.


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