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Horse Magnetic Massager & Horse Equine Magnetic Massagers Horse Magnet Buyamag Inc. established in 1995 in Carlsbad, CA. 92011 We produce horse magnetic massager therapy products and Equine supplements. Horse Pulsating Magnetic Field Massagers, Horse Acupuncture Models and Needles Horse Magnetic Blankets Magnet Field Infrasonic  Massager Machine Equine Acupuncture Needles By

Horse Magnetic Massager Infrasonic Massager Therapy Equine Magnetic Therapy

Horse Magnetic Massager Infrasonic Equine Machine


www.buyamag inc. Established in 1995 in Carlsbad, CA, 92011 we proud introduce Horses Magnetic Pulsating Field Massager Equine Acupuncture Needles  Models Horse Magnetic Massager MS-32 Horse Pulsating Magnetic Field Massager MS-100 and Horse CD DVD Software. We participating in Equine conventions Horse trade-shows, curriculums on horse health By www.
Horse Magnetic Massager Infrasonic Massager Equine Therapy.
Horse Magnetic Massager Infrasonic Massager Equine Therapy

Horse Pulsating Magnetic Field Massager MS-32 For Horses  $66.99

Horse Magnetic Massager  MS-32          $66.99    Quantity

This unique Magnetic Massager, is designed with 16 massaging rollers with protrusions, and 32 Super Neodymium Biomagnets, 3850 gauss each ( 2 Biomagnets in each roller) provides a beneficial Pulsating Magnetic field during massage. Because of its Unique, Advanced designed and construction (All 8 groups of rollers individually suspended to be able follow the bodes  shape) the massaging rollers maintain contact with the Equines or Human bodies  virtually all the time during massage,  regardless of shape of the body. The Magnetic Massager 32 can be used before or after competition.

How to Use Magnetic Massager MS - 32

Simply grip the handle and roll it over the various parts of the body in different directions. Concentrate on the most hard working muscle or  muscle groups.  Injured tendons or ligaments. 

Why Use The Magnetic Massager MS-32

Promote blood circulation, muscle tendons and ligaments relaxation,  achieve the best results You want. Your Horses will love it and You to!

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(Unlimited one year manufacturing warrantee)

Horse Magnetic Pulsating Field Equine Massager (upgraded)
Horses Magnetic Therapy Horse Massager Horse Massage Grooming Magnassage 100 For Horses. Veterinary supplies.

Horse Magnetic Massager Infrasonic MachineLarger View
Equine Infrasonic Magnetic Massager Norstar Horse Magnetic Massager Massager For Equine Horses.

Horse Magnetic Massager Equine Infrasonic Machine View

Horse Magnetic Pulsating Field Massager

Horse Magnetic Massager  (upgraded model)           $269.00

Horse Magnetic  Pulse Massager    $269.00    Quantity

This  Magnetic Pulsating Field Massager ( upgraded  design ), works  on  principle: of fast spinning Permanent Magnetic Field Neodymium Magnets ( inside of the magnetic massager )  As a result, a Pulsating Magnetic Field 20.000gauss delivered, and spread in 2 feet radius away from the Magnetic Massager.  New, upgraded model with 2- AA or 2-D  Batteries and  Hand Contour Grip Handle.  Our Magnetic Massager contains a neodymium magnet that operates at 5,000 to 6,000 RPM's.  Magnetic Pulse Massager Built with a heavy duty aluminum case. Our magnetic massager offers easy access to massaging relief and the benefits of Increased Circulation, Natural Energies.

  • Popular Magnetic Massage Tool with Quick Respond, used by horse trainers, horse owners, a specially popular with racing horse owners.
  • Portable design and light weight, delivers ability to use it and help the horse any time and anywhere it needs to recovery from strenuous exercise, competition, racing, or injury.
  • This Pulsating Magnetic Field easily penetrate through the body (injured Muscles, Tendons, Bones, Ligaments, Tissue )

Quick Respond Benefits

  • Increased Blood Circulation to Local The Area
  • Increased Nourishment Supply to the Local Area
  • Promotes Relaxation in Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments
  • Promotes "CHI" Energy Flow Through Energy Meridians
  • Promotes Cellular Activity

Technical Specification

  • Magnets Spin ------------------------------------ Dc. Motor
  • Power Source ------------------------------------ lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Recharger Adaptor110v  ---------------- Included
  • Magnetic Pulsating Field Strength --------------- 20.000gauss
  • Magnetic Pulsation Field Penetration ------------ Two feet radius
  • Speed ------------------------------------------- Two Speeds
  • On/Off ------------------------------------------- Switch Button
  • Length ------------------------------------------- 12"
  • Diameter ----------------------------------------- 2"
  • Weight ------------------------------------------- One Pound


* Not to use magnetic massagers on a open bleeding injury

* Always consult with a doctor veterinarian before using this magnetic massagers any devices

Equine Landmark Anatomy Acupoint Energetics DVD

By Taurie Norman  DVM

Horses Acupuncture Cd Horses Magnetic Therapy CD for Horses Acupuncture
More Horse Acupuncture Larger Photo
More Horse Acupuncture CD View

Horse Acupoint DVD - Landmark & Acupoint Energetics For Horses

Equine Landmark Anatomy Acupoint Energetics DVD



A NATURAL APPROACH TO HORSE HEALTH! A great video resource for Veterinary Equine Health Professionals! Watch as Dr. Norman takes the viewer through the most important aspects of Equine Anatomy, as well as How to Locate and Use these Acupoints Effectively. The DVD also gives the viewer a Complete Overview of the Major Meridians and Governing / Conception Vessels, Including Functions and Major Attributes. The only DVD of its kind! 55 Minutes DVD.


Included educational and practical information
DVD Video demonstrations shows

Computer System requirements: XP, IBM Compatible: DX33 processor (minimum), 8 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, and mouse,Macintosh.


Horse Massager Infrasonic Machine Magnetic Massager For Horses Equine 
Qi Gong Infrasonic Massager Horses Magnetic Therapy Horses Acupuncture CD for Horses Acupuncture
Infrasonic Magnetic Massager Equine Massager 
Practical Horse Infrasonic Magnetic Massager For Horses

Practical Infrasonic Magnetic Massager For Horses



This Digital Qi Gong Massager Machine was Developed by Researcher and Original Inventor of Qi Gong Massager, Dr. Simon Wang, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Simon Wang and his team has been searching and working on scientifical base on Qi Gong and other eastern Healing Arts. After medical training in China (M.D.), he continued to complete his Master degree in acupuncture and in neuroendocrinology and post-doctoral work from the West.  He studied and conducted medical research in Melbourne, Australia,  Boston, Massachusetts and Los Angeles, California, USA and China.  He has published numerous scientific papers on neuroscience and books.  In the East, it is believed that health and longevity can be achieved and maintained by cultivation and promotion of one's own mind and body, proceeding through practices of meditation, breath control and body postures.  This art is called Qi Gong (Chi Kung) in China, and Yoga in India.
Digital QI-888 Massager is latest design, professional Model with a New High - Tech Technology. It Is redesigned to deliver: More Power, More Accuracy More Random Frequency, and Up Grated New Heavy Duty Transducer. Qi Gong Massager utilizes Alpha Rhythm waves at the Low Frequency 8 -14hz. and Amplitudes altered in High or Low. This Therapeutic Vibrations Promoting Synchronize the Body Parts,  to Penetrate Deep in Tissues and  travel far reaching sites. The Qi Gong Massager Machine consists of two parts:  a low - frequency (8 - 14Hz.) signal Generator, and   Acoustic Transducer, which transmits a low frequency vibration wave. QiGong Massager Machine Combines Ancient Chinese Wisdom and Modern Technology for treatment of Relieve Minor Aches and Pains, Relax Body Muscles, Increase Circulation. The Infrasound QiGong Massager is a Low Frequency, electro-acoustical therapy, designed and Based on Qi-Gong Ultra-sound Technology, it works by increasing the local circulation of blood, lymph and nervous system activity. The Low Frequency Sonic stimulation of the Infrasound Pro-Massager activates local Tissue, moving Stagnant Fluids out of Painful Areas thereby drawing in fresh, Oxygenated Fluids and to Enhance Body Homeostasis - Self Healing Process, Reducing Swelling and Relaxing Tense Muscles.  

How PERFORM Infrasonic Qi Gong Magnetic Massager ?

  • Increase Local Circulation

  • Relieve Minor Aches & Pains

  • Relax Body Muscles.

  • Rejuvenation on Cells 

  • Promotes Body Self Healing

  • Helps Move Toxins From Cells

  • Raises temperature In the Tissue

  • Improvement In Lymphatic System

  • Expansion In The Capillary Vessels

Indications For Use

  • Intended to use:  The Qi Gong Massager Machine Can Increase Local Circulation, Relieve Minor Aches and Pains, and Relax Body Muscles.  It can be applied to different parts of the body according to the conditions, such as: Back Pains, Sciatica, Arthritic Pains, Sports Injuries, Chronic Pains, Body Stress, Fatigue, Muscle Spasms and Cramps, Tennis Elbow, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, Qi Gong Exercise and Etc... It is safe to use and effective.

  • The Infrasonic QiGong Massager Machine has FDA 501K listing, as safe for office & home use and reimbursable by many insurance companies if recommended by your doctor

  • It is safe to use and effective.  The intensity should be selected at LOW or MEDIUM or HIGH according to comfort, area, and body condition.  LOW should be selected for the area of head and for children, and MEDIUM or HIGH for most applications.  Suggested use is 10-20 minutes each session, 1-2 times per day for a period of 5-7 days.  

  • For example, in chronic back pain, the massager is applied to the affected area for 10-20 minutes at medium or high intensity each use, 1-2 times per day and continuously for 5-7 days

Specifications Deluxe Digital QiGong Massager:

  • Voltage --100v   or     220v - Special Order

  • Frequency ----- 8 ~ 14hz.

  • Power Cord ---12' Cord Grounded

  • Transducer Cord - 11'

  • New Heavy Duty One Transducer -Included

  • Frequency Generator--Included

  • Users Manual ----- Included

  • Carrying Case - Optional

  • Digital Front Panel

  • Auto Shut/Off Timer - 10, 20, 30min.

  • Buttons --- Timing Set 10, 20, 30min.

  • Intensity Button --- Low, Mid, High

  • Intensity Frequency-Light Indicator  

  • Button --- Power  On/Off

  • Treatment Indication Points - Included

  • One Heavy Duty Transducer

  • External Transducer Cord - 9' long

Infrasonic Qi Gong Magnetic Massager for Humans and Hoses Here


Horse Acupuncture Model Horse Muscle Horse Internal Tissue Horse Acupuncture Model & Structure

  Horses Acupuncture Model Equine magnetic Massager Magnetic Therapy CD for Horses Acupuncture.Horses Acupuncture Model Magnetic Therapy Massagers for Horses Equine Magnetic Therapy Massager Acupuncture Model CD for Horses Acupuncture.
More Muscle Side Internal Structure Larger View
More Acupuncture Points Model Side Larger View

Horse Acupuncture Model Horse Muscle Horse Internal Structure

                   Horse Acupuncture Model


$109.99         Quantity

 Horse Acupuncture Model 10" x 8" made from plastic material ( hard to brake ) from China. One side shows Horse Acupuncture Points Numbered from 1 to 114. The other side shows Muscle, Internal Tissue, and Structure in Colors. Mounted on a  stand. Also Includes:   Booklet for Practical Point Location,  Indication Responding  and Treatment Points.

Included - educational and practical information Dental Models :: Anatomical Model Manikin :: Acupuncture Needles Magnetic Bracelet

Anatomical Models Dental Models Educational Medical Supplies Magnetic Therapy
Acupuncture Needles And Professional Medical Products 

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Do Not Use TENS, EMS (or other devices, machines ), Magnets if you are fitted with Pace Maker, DEFIBRILLATOR or During Pregnancy, Suspected or Diagnosed Heart Problems & Epilepsy or other diseases. The medical evaluation of your physician is advised at all times. Any self-help application is the responsibility of the user. Magnets can erase video, music, and computer data. Buyamag Inc. does not make or imply any medical claims on products described.

Consulting with a Doctor is always recommended.

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