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Magnetic Eye Mask Eye Massager & Magnetic Eye Mask

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Magnetic Eye Massager 138
Magnetic Eye Mask massager. Magnetic Eye Massager .

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Magnetic Eye Massager 138

Magnetic Eye Massager 138             $79.99


Do you or a family member become uncomfortable after reading, using a computer, doing other strenuous eye work? This can cause difficulties in learning at school and job performance, diminish life quality, cause double vision, headache and eye & brain fatigue after reading or after using a computer.

WHY MAGNETIC EYE MASSAGER 138 ? The massager works by Massage, Biomagnetics, Crystals and Acupressure on the acupuncture points around the Eyes and Face to: Increased blood circulation. Increased Nourishment supply to the area. Fatigue and Improve Skin Condition, Luster, Elasticity, and Appearance.

How to use Magnetic Eye Massager ? Wear like regular glasses, secure in the back of the head with flexible elastic Velcro (one size fit's all). Use it for just a few minutes and your eyes, brain, and skin will be rejuvenated. Start with 1 min., Don't use it more then 5 min. at each time and Don't use during sleep time. Don't use it if you have any health disease or concerns. Always consult with your doctor before using Magnetic Eye Massager or any other massagers

Technical Specifications
The "Massaging Flexible Fingers" are located at strategic acupuncture points accordingly with Traditional Theory of Energy Meridians and Collateral, Chinese Map of Acupuncture Therapy and corresponding symptoms.
  • 22 "Massaging Flexible Fingers"
  • Eyelet Glasses with 170 small holes (for eyes relaxation)
  • On/Of Mode Push Button
  • 3 Red Led Indicators
  • Power, 2-1.5v batteries ( included)
  • Weight - 7 oz.
  • Color - Silver
  • 22 Biomagnets
  • 22 Crystals
  • Intensity Control Switch Hi/ Lo/ Off
  • Timing Select Button 1, 2, 3 min.
  • Elastic Velcro
  • Jack for 3v. transformer (external power source not included)
Magnetic Therapy Magnetic Eye Mask Harmonizer
Inside Magnetic Eye Mask
Inside Magnetic Eye Mask
Outside Magnetic Eye Mask
Outside Magnetic Eye Mask

Magnetic Eye Mask Harmonizer

Magnetic EYE MASK HARMONIZER             $55.00


This Magnetic Eye Mask Harmonizer design with two Biomagnets, and Velcro  Strap. Promote blood circulation. Used for 5 ~ 10 minutes, two times a day.   Don't use during sleep time. Don't use it if you have any health disease or concerns. Always consult with your doctor before using Magnetic Eye. Available in stock Dental Models :: Anatomical Model Manikin :: Acupuncture Needles Magnetic Bracelet

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