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Horse Veterinarian Laser Led Light Coherence Skull Model Skull Models Human Skull Model Skull Anatomical Model Skull Anatomy Models Human Skull Model Skull Model Skul Models Brain Model Medical Schools Human Anatomy Education for Doctors and Students
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Horse Charts Veterinarian Acupuncture Charts Acupressure Anatomy Charts Equine Skeletal Charts Books Horse Magnetic Massager
Hores Charts Laser Led Coherence Acupressure Charts.
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Horse Veterinarian Laser Respond 2400 XL
All 3 Heads Deluxe Package $6675.00

High Power Probe Package $5499.00

Base Unit $3100.00

Most powerful, professional choice Laser using 904 nm wave length continuous and super-pulsed laser diodes. 904 nm achieve 4 times deeper penetration than 630 nm and 33% deeper than 830 nm lasers. Super-pulsing also reaches deeper than continuous wave. For reference, Light Emitting Diode (LED's) are also an inexpensive light source, however, LEDs are not coherent and do not penetrate as deeply.
A 1998 study of 904 laser vs LEDs showed laser light penetration as deep as 8" into tissue. The LED could not measure at even 1/2 inch. Coherence adds a push to go deep!
The 2400 XL uses a state-of-the-art computer control offering continuous as well as six Nogier frequencies (73, 146, 292, 584, 1168, and 3800 Hz), plus sweep frequency mode. Portable 6.25" x 6" x 3" unit includes rechargeable industrial battery (recharges overnight), instruction manual, video demonstrating ease of operation, and suggested protocols for various veterinary applications. One year warranty on base and probes.
Super-Fine Probe: 5 mm dia. tip long  is also super-pulsed with 30 watt peak power and is ideal for acupuncture point stimulation and inaccessible areas (ideal for small animals). Uses 3,000 strands of optical glass.
The Ultra-Wide Head has 4 super-pulsed 30 watt peak power diodes for treating larger areas, including deep joints and muscle masses. The treatment head is 2" x 2.5"
High Power Laser Probe offers continuous wave (not super-pulsed), 500 mW average power at probe lens, delivering 1 joule every 2 seconds. 7.2" long x 1.2" dia.


This product contains a diode laser. Laser light is potentially harmful to the eye. Keep out of reach of children. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE LASER BEAM. DO NOT POINT THE LASER AT ANY OTHER PERSON(s).

Hores Charts Laser Book Acupressure Charts.Hores Laser Book Acupressure Charts.

Laser Therapy        Laser Acupuncture

Laser Therapy A Clinical Manual Book

Laser Acupuncture Treatment Book

Laser Therapy Manual $87.99

Laser Acupuncture Book $58.99

Laser Therapy Clinical Manual Book. A complete overview of the science of Lasers, providing clinical approaches for more than 40 conditions with illustrations, point selection, dosage, and techniques. Size -- 10" x 11",  Pages -- 130
Laser Acupuncture Book. A good source for learning about Laser Acupuncture. A collection of lecture notes and journal articles from a Laser Acupuncture class taught by Margaret Naeser, one of the foremost authorities on the subject. Text focuses on clinical and research uses of Laser Acupuncture from around the world. Features many charts and diagrams for treating points effectively. Also includes several handouts, including Administrative Regulations for Low-Energy Lasers in the U.S. and how to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Size --- 9" x 11", Pages ---216

Hores Acupressure Charts.
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Horse Acupressure Chart

This Horse Acupressure Chart, includes with points and pathways of the 14 main channels as they relate to the Horse. It also features the locations of the Ting Points on the Fore Leg and Hind Leg. This is a detailed and useful chart that will provide good clinical or classroom reference for Point Location specific to the Treatment of Horses.  

17" x 11"

Horse magnetic massager EQUINE Horse SKELETAL SYSTEM
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Equine Skeletal Anatomy   

Detailed illustration of the animal and its Skeletal System is the focus although details of the skeletal system and specific Diseases are also illustrated. Each chart measures 26" x 20" and is printed on high quality heavy paper.

Size 26' x 20' 

Horse Anatomy Chart

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Horse Surface Anatomy & Vital Signs
$59.99 Horse Surface Anatomy

Points out surface anatomical landmarks, location to obtain pulse at the facial artery and illustrates mucus membrane color (indicates tissue oxygenation and peripheral perfusion). Also includes chart of normal heart rate, rectal temperature and respiration rate for adult and foal.  Flexible lamination; no eyelets. Size: 26" x 20"

Size: 26" x 20"

Horse Anatomy Chart Hores Pulsating Magnet Massager Equine Anatomycal Charts
Click With Brain Photo
Horse Conformation Chart 
$59.99 Conformation Chart

Shows various views of Balanced Hoof. Illustrates hoof-pastern angles, conformation Faults involving the Hoof, Knee Conformation faults, Metacarpal conformation fault, and Pastern conformation faults. Shows ideal Hindlimb Conformation, and conformation faults viewed Caudally and Laterally.  Flexible lamination; no eyelets. Size: 26" x 20"

Size: 26" x 20"

Equine Dental Chart Model
See  Larger Photo
Equine Dental Chart
Equine Dental Chart $59.99

This Shows lateral view of skull showing Roots of Cheek teeth, Vascular anatomy of the Skull and dentition, longitudinal section of incisor, cross sections of incisors, maxillary arch and mandibular arch. Also includes chart to help determine the horse's age: shows illustrations of teeth from age 1 until 25 years old. Flexible lamination; no eyelets. Size: 26" x 20"

Size: 26" x 20

Horse Acupressure Book Equine Acupuncture Instruction Booklet.
Book Larger View
Horse Acupressure Manual Book
Equine Acupressure $75.00

This easy to follow, step-by-step manual is filled with photographs, charts and illustrations. Includes an overview of traditional Chinese medicine, how to perform an acupressure treatment, meridian and acupoint charts and specific condition treatments for many of the common health and psychological issues associated with horses. The new 4th edition has a soft cover and standard perfect binding--spiral binding is no longer available, 164 pages, 7” x 9"

Horse Acupressure Book Equine Broshure.
Book Larger View
Horse Comprehensive Guide Manual Veterinary Book
Horse Guide Book  $145.00

Horses are among the most complex creatures in the animal kingdom - so much can go wrong so quickly! When it does, these delicate, injury-prone animals need swift treatment or a simple eating disorder might rapidly lead to death and a minor hoof injury to permanent lameness. This thorough medical reference featuring four-color anatomical drawings and covers all areas of equine health, diagnosis and treatment, equine behavior and safety, preventive health care, and first aid. Outlines individual body systems, anatomy and physiology, and abnormalities. Includes alternative therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy, along with options for rehabilitation and physical therapy. Critical information appears in tables, charts, side bars, and bulleted lists for quick access. In addition, there’s an informative history of veterinary procedures, followed by three valuable appendices with terminology, common medications, and advice for the first-time horse owner. Copyright 2007. By Barb Crabbe, DVM. 352 pages, 7-3/8" x 10". Hardcover.

Equine Hoof Chart Horse Charts Model
Large View
Equine Foot Hoof Chart   
Equine Foot Hoof Chart $59.99

Shows layers of the Hoof, Parisagittal section of foot and sole of a trimmed foot. Illustrates corium anatomy, interdigitation of dermal and epidermal laminae, neurovascular anatomy and stages of laminitis.  Flexible lamination; no eyelets. Size: 26" x 20"

Horse Disease Atlas Horses Books Model.
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Horse clinical anatomy Disorders Book Disease Atlas Horses Books.
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Horse Disease Atlas Horses Books Model.
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Horse Common Diseases & Disorders Clinical Atlas 100's Color Illustrations 350 Pages  second addition   

This These Award-Winning Book - Atlases are designed to provide a Most Comprehensive Easy to Understand Information with 100's Color Illustrations, Review about Horses Anatomy, and Horse Common Diseases, Disorders for the Serious Horse Owner, Trainer, Breeder, Competitor, Veterinarian Doctor or Student, Farrier.  All about Horses Stallions & Mares. Covers the Internal Organs, Reproduction, Breeding and Foaling Problems, Oral Cavity, Dental, Digestive System, Parasites, Respiratory and Neurological Nervous Disorders, Eye Problems and Skin Disorders, Pharmaceutical. Within all and each region, organ and system, both the normal anatomy and common Disorders Color Illustrated and Discussed. Beautiful Full-Color Illustrations are clearly labeled. Causes, Symptoms, Clinical Signs, Diagnostic Procedures, Current Treatment Options, Traditional Veterinary Techniques, as well as some Complimentary Therapies are Presented. The most Popular Horse Book are spiral bound with Waterproof Plastic Covers and 350 Pages. Size: 10" x 11"

Horse Digestive Chart Horse Digestive Disease Chart.
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Horse Digestive System Anatomy & Stomach Structure

This Horse Digestive Chart Presents right lateral, left lateral and ventral views of the Horse Digestive System. Also shows schematic representation of the Gastrointestinal Anatomy, median section of the stomach, structure of the Small Intestine, Large Intestinal Wall and Lumenal Surface, and a Sagittal View of the Rectum and Anus.  Flexible lamination; no eyelets. Size: 26" x 20"

Horse Breed Chart Horse Birth Charts Digestive Disease Chart.
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Horse 36 Breeds Skeletal Muscle Structure Anatomy & Structure

This Horse Quide and Chart combines education with beautiful Horse Art. Authentic in every detail, and in full color. Lists 36 breeds. Also shows parts of the horse and skeletal and muscle structure of a horse in action. 25" x 36".

Horse Joint Ligament Charts Model
Skull Breakaway Maxilla No Brain
Horse Forelimb Joint Ligament Wall Chart
Horse Forelimb Joint $59.99

This Horse Forelimb Joint Chart Shows several views of the Hip and Pelvis, Stifle, and Hock. Illustrates the Fetlock, Pastern and Coffin Joints, Including Injection Sites.  Flexible lamination; no eyelets. Size: 26" x 20"                                   

Horse Reproductive System Chart
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Stallion Reproductive System

This Horse Reproductive System Chart Shows right lateral view of the Stallion Reproductive Tract, Lateral view of Testis and Schematic section of Right Testis and Epididymis. Also shows Anatomy of Sperm Cell and Spermatogenesis. Illustrates Anatomy of the Penis and a Dorsal view of the Accessory Glands. Flexible lamination; no eyelets. Size: 26" x 20"


Horse Acupuncture Models Reproductive System
Muscle Side Click For Larger Photo

Horse Acupuncture Model Reproductive System
Acupuncture Side Click For Larger Photo
Horse Acupuncture Muscle Internal Tissue Structure Model

Horse Acupuncture Model 10" x 8" made from plastic material ( hard to brake ) from China. One side shows Horse Acupuncture Points Numbered from 1 to 114. The other side shows Muscle, Internal Tissue, and Structure in Colors. Mounted on a  stand. Also Includes:   Booklet for Practical Point Location,  Indication Responding  and Treatment Points.
. Anatomically accurate Horse Model.



Horse Model Reproductive System
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Horse Anatomy Model on Stand

Anatomically accurate 3D Horse Model kit contains model pieces (clear body one side, Model stands 7 inches long and contains 26 removable parts), 7" long, on a display stand.



Horse Pulsating Field Massager System
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Horse Pulsating Field Massager System
Click  New Model Larger View

This  Magnetic Pulsating Field Massager ( upgraded  design ), works  on  principle: of fast spinning Permanent Magnetic Field Neodymium Magnets ( inside of the magnetic massager )  As a result, a Pulsating Magnetic Field 20.000gauss delivered, and spread in 2 feet radius away from the Magnetic Massager.  New, upgraded model with 2- AA or 2-D  Batteries and  Hand Contour Grip Handle.  Our Magnetic Massager contains a neodymium magnet that operates at 5,000 to 6,000 RPM's.  Magnetic Pulse Massager Built with a heavy duty aluminum case. Our magnetic massager offers easy access to massaging relief and the benefits of Increased Circulation, Natural Energies. Magnetic Pulsating Field Massager  (  portable design ), works  on  principle: of fast spinning Permanent Magnetic Field Neodymium Magnets ( inside of the magnetic massager )  As a result, a Pulsating Magnetic Field 20.000gauss delivered, and spread in 2 feet radius away from the Magnetic Massager.  New, upgraded model with Batteries and   Hand Contour Grip Handle. Popular Magnetic Massage Tool with Quick Respond, used by horse trainers, horse owners, a specially popular with racing horse owners. Portable design and light weight, delivers ability to use it and help the horse any time and anywhere it needs to recovery from strenuous exercise, competition, racing, or injury. This Pulsating Magnetic Field easily penetrate through the body (injured Muscles, Tendons, Bones, Ligaments, Tissue )

  • Increased Blood Circulation to Local The Area
  • Increased Nourishment Supply to the Local Area
  • Promotes Relaxation in Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments
  • Promotes "CHI" Energy Flow Through Energy Meridians
  • Promotes Cellular Activity

                                                  Technical Specifications:

  • Magnets Spin ------------------------------------ DC. Motor
  • Power Source ------------------------------------ 2-AA or 2- D Battery
  • Battery Recharger Adaptor110v  ---------------- Included
  • Magnetic Pulsating Field Strength --------------- 20.000gauss
  • Magnetic Pulsation Field Penetration ------------ Two feet radius
  • Speed ------------------------------------------- Two Speeds "HIGH" "LOW"
  • On/Off ------------------------------------------- Switch Button
  • Size ---------------------------------------------- 12" x 2"
  • Weight ------------------------------------------- One Pound
Horse Massager Magnetic Horse Massager Equine Massager
Click For Larger Photo
Horse Magnetic Massager 32 Magnets MS-32

This unique Magnetic Massager, is designed with 16 Massaging Rollers with protrusions, and 32 Super Neodymium Biomagnets, 3850 gauss each ( 2 Biomagnets in each roller) Provides a Beneficial Pulsating Magnetic Field during Massage. Magnetic Field Penetration is 10"~12" Deep. Because of its Unique, Advanced designed and construction (All 8 groups of rollers individually suspended to be able follow the bodes  shape) the massaging rollers maintain contact with the Equines or Human bodies  virtually all the time during massage,  regardless of shape of the body.

                                       How to Use Magnetic Massager MS - 32

The Magnetic Massager 32 can be used before or after competition. Simply grip the handle and roll it over the various parts of the body in different directions. Concentrate on the most hard working Muscle or  Muscle Groups,  Injured Tendons or Ligaments.

                                           Why Use The Magnetic Massager MS-32

Magnetic Horse Massager Promote Blood Circulation, Muscle Tendons and Ligaments Relaxation,  Achieve the Best Results You Want for your Horses. Your Horses will love it and You to!


  • Rollers ------------- 16 Massaging rollers with protrusions,
  • Magnets ----------- 32 Super Neodymium Biomagnets
  • Strenght ----------- 3850 gauss each ( 2 Biomagnets in each roller)
  • Magnetic Field Penetration --- 10"~12"
  • Easy to use
  • Light Weight
Horse Cd
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Horse Acupuncture DVD Landmarks For Horse Acupuncture

A NATURAL APPROACH TO HORSE HEALTH!. A great resource for Veterinary Acupuncture! Watch as Dr. Norman takes the viewer through the most important aspects of Equine Anatomy, as well as How to Locate and Use these Acupoints Effectively. The DVD also gives the viewer a Complete Overview of the Major Meridians and Governing / Conception Vessels, Including Functions and Major Attributes. The only DVD of its kind! IMPORTANT INFORMATIONM  TO PERFORM ACUPUNCTURE, MASSAGE, CUPPING ON HORSES

Computer System requirements: XP, IBM Compatible: DX33 processor (minimum), 8 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, and mouse,Macintosh

Horse Acupuncture CD Models Model.
Click For Larger Photo
Horse Acupuncture Therapy Cd

Included educational and practical information
  • How to identify and precisely locate over 180 acupuncture points used in the treatment of Acupuncture for Horses.
  • We also catalogue over 200 common conditions in Horses which can be treated by using Acupuncture for Horses Techniques
  • Provide guidance on the selection of Acupuncture Points to be used and a treatment regime or each condition.
  • By Using a unique combination of high quality graphics and narrated video, simple but practical instruction is provided on how to apply the Acupuncture For Horses Treatment
Video demonstrations shows
  • how to locate the points
  • how to apply the various techniques such as needling, moxibustion, cupping and how to manipulate the needles for the required effect.

Computer System requirements: IBM Compatible: DX33 processor (minimum), 8 MB RAM, VGA monitor or higher, CD-ROM drive, and mouse. Window 3.x or higher. Macintosh: Equivalent to the above and running Mac OS


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