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Alpha Amylase - Breaks down complex and simple carbohydrates found in grains and some grain-rich hays such as oat and forage type hays into easily digestible simple sugars.
Protease - Digests the protein, especially found in alfalfa, timothy, and other protein-rich hays, into peptides and amino acids.
Cellulase - Splits the Beta 1,4 glucose linkage in cellulose fiber, found in all plant-origin foods, into a readily available form of sugar called glucose.
Lipase - Digests naturally occurring and other fat source additives such as rice bran into absorbable forms of fatty acids and glycerides.
Beta-Glucanase - Breaks down beta-glucan - long chain carbohydrate (arabinose, xylose and ribose) - found in the plant cell walls, which protects nutrients as they pass through gastric acids to be safely released for absorption in the intestines.
Phytase - Aids in utilization of normally indigestible organic phosphorus found in plant materials and flax seed and other oil seed meals.
Xylanase - Part of a primary enzyme system which is required to break down the lignified cell wall core of cellulose type plant materials found in hays and other feed. The cell walls of the plant material encapsulate important nutrients and therefore must be broken down by exposure to digestive enzymes and their processes for them to be utilized and absorbed in the intestine.


Why Feed Horses With Probiotics?

Almost every article you read about probiotics will tell you that the word itself literally means “for life”.  Probiotics are the live beneficial bacterial organisms that contribute to the health and balance of the intestinal tract and because of this, have become an increasingly popular ingredient in horse supplements.  The use of probiotics dates back thousands of years.  In fact, many people today rely on yogurt with active cultures as their source of probiotics.  But what does that mean for the horse owner? 

Horses are by definition a repository of good and bad bacteria.  Managing the delicate harmony between the two is the key to maintaining good digestive health.  The equine athlete, pony, miniature, trail horse and breeding stock all have nutritional requirements that evolved from centuries of grazing in lush pastures.  With domestication, most horses now face a diet of processed food, stored hays and grasses provided on intermittent feed schedules.  There are few grazing opportunities, especially in winter months.  Performance horses are often kept in small stalls year round and rarely turned out.  Add to this the use of worming products, rounds of antibiotics or other medications, regular vaccinations and you can begin to see that the probability of naturally cultivating an ample source of the friendly intestinal flora found in probiotics is unlikely.  

The fragile composure of bacteria in the gut is also easily disturbed by changes in weather, stall confinement, altering the diet, and stress.  The rigors of competition can cause drastic shifts in the microflora brought about by the strain of transportation, intense workouts, dehydration and nervousness.  

Feeding probiotics is a preventative therapy that utilizes good bacteria to edge out the effects of the bad bacteria.  This balancing act is necessary to maintain maximum digestive efficiency.  Providing a consistent level of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract has been proven to decrease the incidence of gastrointestinal disorders, supports the immune system and will effectively allow maximum absorption of all other nutrients. 

When considering the beneficial health effects of probiotics, it’s also important to contemplate the journey through the digestive system that the product must survive in order to be advantageous.  The process of digestion begins by grinding the food and mixing it with saliva.  It then passes through the esophagus, into the acidic environment of the stomach and finally its destination within the gut.  SMOOTH RUN probiotics are microencapsulated which allows them to survive oral ingestion and finally reach the intestinal tract where it’s potential can be realized. 

Daily feeding of SMOOTH RUN promotes efficient feed utilization and aids digestion while improving general health, temperament and performance.  Our philosophy is simple:  The reason the proprietary probiotic and digestive enzymes of SMOOTH RUN are so important to the diet is that what really matters when supplementing your horse is how well he utilizes the nutrients you take the time to give. 


For more than 20 years colostrum has been extensively studied and has had over 20,000 scientific studies and research articles performed on one of nature’s most potent and invigorating natural immune factors.  Especially those who try it and use it are discovering more health benefits every day.

Colostrum is the pre-milk liquid produced from the mammary glands during the first 24-48 hours after birth.  During this short duration of time, the immune factors and the growth factors are still at their peak and contain several times the factors compared to colostrum taken during later milkings.

Colostrum contains over 37 different important natural immune factors and more than 8 growth factors that work with the body.  While the immune factors in colostrum work to the growth factors in colostrum work on stress and injuries.  The growth factors in colostrum have also shown to help horses well being.

  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Return elasticity to the skin
  • Improve energy
  • Build lean muscle
  • Increase memory
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Burn fat
  • Elevate moods

The natural immune and growth factors found in colostrum also work together to help equine well being


Colostrum is a whole food and is completely natural unlike antibiotics.  In fact antibiotics can actually make us more susceptible to illness.  Antibiotics kill all bacteria in our bodies, which not only causes other ailments and side effects, but also throws the body off balance since not all bacteria in the body are bad.  By killing all bacteria in our body, it makes our immune system work harder and leaves us more stressed and tired.

Antibiotics are also not naturally occurring.  It is another chemical compound added to our list of symptom suppression.  It has been proven that more than 80% of the prescriptions written for antibiotics are needless.  Viruses cause most colds, sore throats and congestion; antibiotics have no effect on viral infections. 

With the use of colostrum, you can naturally help eliminate symptoms by combating the actual problem, the virus.  Strengthening your immune system naturally


For horses that work out regularly and strenuously, colostrum is a good choice for supplementation.  Not only does it help build lean muscle tissue, colostrum helps slow protein breakdown and speed up protein synthesis.  In fact, many body builders say that colostrum is the most effective muscle-building agent they have ever used – and it’s completely natural!

Colostrum Builds Lean Muscle

One of the real problems with achieving muscular development lies not just in harnessing anabolism (growth) but also in preventing catabolism (breakdown.)

Colostrum contains two important compounds which work synergistically to accomplish the building of lean muscle mass.  The first of these, called IgF-1, is a small peptide with a more anabolic effect than any known compound.  Research has shown that during exercise, 1gF-1 is the signal that triggers muscle cell proliferation.  IgF-1 works hand in hand with growth hormone (GH) for the building of lean muscle mass.


In order for your horse to compete successfully, it is important to have both strength and stamina.  Anything that will enhance endurance while maximizing fuel is certainly an asset.

During heavy workouts and in times of hunger, the body burns its own protein instead of fat.  Studies have shown that colostrum shifts fuel utilization to fat, actually preventing the body from burning glucose for energy.  The additional growth factors keep GH levels in the body high enough so that protein (muscle) is not compromised during heavy workouts.  It also stimulates glucose transport in the muscle, making more efficient use of the available fuel.  Athletes and body builders often report they lose weight while gaining inches. 


Each time your equine athlete exercises strenuously this causes tiny tears in muscle tissue.  The muscle-building factors in colostrum repair this damage quickly while strengthening muscles.

The regenerative effects of colostrum extend to nearly every structural cell of the body.  In fact, IgF-1 is the best know compound for synthesis and repair of cartilage.  Other compounds known as Transforming Growth Factors A and B are known for their ability to enhance healing in the synthesis and repair of RNA and DNA.  Colostrum works to heal athletic injuries, from those that occur on a day- to-day basis within the muscle, to those of a more serious nature. 


Colostrum helps heal the lining of the small intestine where nutrient absorption takes place.  Not only does this enhance nutrient uptake, but it also seals out invading organisms which otherwise slip through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream.  This accounts for the boost in energy when you or your horse receives colostrum.

Colostrum benefits the athlete in so many ways that it is quickly gaining popularity – especially amongst those who prefer to stay with natural substances.


Autoimmune diseases include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Addison’s disease, childhood asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroiditis, vasculitis, Chrohn’s disease, colitis, Raynaud’s disease and there are many more.

Autoimmune disease result when damage is done by autoimmune system, which cannot turn itself off.  The substances that trigger this hyper-response of the immune system are known as allergens.  Leaky gut syndrome, which responds to non-denatured colostrum, is almost always associated with autoimmune disease.  Reversing the direction of a disease depends upon healing the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.  Any other treatment is just symptom suppression.

Not surprisingly, colostrum’s many beneficial factors focus their efforts in the area where an overwhelming majority of diseases and infections enter the body in the intestines.  Colostrum contains several substances that play a role in the healing of the whole gastrointestinal tract.

The immune factors in colostrum can have an immediate effect, attacking pathogens in the intestines, inhibiting their reproduction and preventing their attack on the intestinal wall.  Several growth factors have an anti-inflammatory effect, which is a big factor in the initial healing of leaky gut syndrome.  Other growth factors repair damaged tissue and seal the mucus layer of the intestines, making it impermeable to toxins and parasites.


Depending on how much colostrum you begin giving your horse and how healthy or ill your horse is, depends on what may be experienced when you first introduce the body to the healing ingredients of colostrum.  The following is some information on what to expect when supplementing your equine with colostrum:

Colostrum begins working immediately

Colostrum begins its work by being absorbed into the bowel mucosa.  It produces a healing there, which provides benefits throughout the body.  You should notice your horse beginning to feel better right away.

When taken at the recommended rate of 10,000 ~ 20,000 mg (10~20 grams) per day for your horse, you should often see a difference in a week.  However, each horse is unique and some stresses that have been endured may mean that relief (of serious ailments) will not come immediately.  The long-term benefits of colostrum are definitely worth any minor wait you may experience.

How much colostrum should you feed?

The optimal amount of colostrum will vary from individual to individual and will depend on the reasons receiving colostrum.  Factors to consider are age and overall health.

Many people build up to a higher dosage for a period of time and then reduce to a maintenance level when the desired effects are received.  More colostrum can be taken during times of stress and illness to move through the symptoms quickly.  Colostrum is completely safe (considered a whole food) and contains no toxicity levels so that you can safely feed as much as you want without side effects.  There have never been any reported side effects from taking too much.

When should you feed colostrum?

Colostrum is best taken on an empty stomach.  It is made up of large protein chains, which are designed to pass through the stomach and be released in the small intestines.  As we know it can be difficult to feel your horse on a schedule such as this, but when there is food in the stomach, it may not be as adequately digested and food in the intestinal tract can compete with the colostrum for binding sites, making it not as effective as with an empty stomach.


Rising to the Occasion

Beta-1, 3-D-glucan – immune activator

By James J. Gormley

Despite the “advances in modern medicine, we are living in an age that presents staggering risk to our immune system.”  Warns Ronald L. Hoffman, M.D. in his 1997 book, Intelligent Medicine (Fireside/Simon & Schuster). True enough.  It’s sometimes quite challenging to keep on top of all of the compromises posed to our immune defenses via the environment such as chemicals in our foods, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, insufficient sleep and disease. 

But the good news is that surprising immune-boosters are being found in the most unlikely places.  Would you believe that a complex sugar (polysaccharide).  Beta-1, 3-D-glucan – found in the cell walls of baker’s yeast (and other sources) – is proving itself to be a top-notch immune charger?  Believe it.

Beta What?  Like other glucans, (special complex sugars or polyglucose).  Beta-1,3-D-glucan is made up of sugar units linked together.

In most cases, Beta-1,3-D-glucan is taken and purified from common baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Other Beta-glucans are found in a variety of fungal cells including sources as Maitake mushroom, Reishi mushroom, Sacred Mushroom tea, barley and oats.

The immune “connection” comes into play when we realize that there is a specific receptor site on a very important immune cell called a macrophage.  When Beta-1,3-D-glucan attaches to the receptor site on the macrophage this immune cell is then “activated” allowing it to go about its business of attacking and destroying invading organisms.

So what exactly is a macrophage?  It’s a potent cell that stems originally from a genetic “soup” of DNA in bone marrow.  After this “pre-macrophage” travels from the bone marrow into the blood it becomes a monocyte (a special white blood cell of leukocyte) and then as a macrophage gets distributed into many different tissues and organs.

Macrophages: Pac-Man to the rescue?  Sort of, just as our hungry virtual friend goes his own little way by devouring invaders, macrophages engulf or phagocytose those nasty troublemakers. 

Infection:  Macrophages play a key role in fighting infections because they rapidly mobilize the infected sites and also help to recruit immune T cells to sites of infection, injury and cancerous growth.  In additions, they respond to bacterial infection by undergoing changes, which enable them to make use of “supercharged” anti-microbial (antibiotic) function.

In contrast to the inflammatory macrophages brought on by irritants or tissue damage macrophages recruited for immune response specifically display an increased capacity to kill a broad range of neoplastic (pre-cancerous) and infectious targets.  “William E Paul, M.D. clarified in Fundamental Immunology.

A complex molecule:  Superimposed on the macrophages more traditional role as a phagocytic scavenger cell is the growing realization that these cells secrete an enormous array of biologically active products.  Not only do macrophages eat up trespassers and offer their own (innate) antioxidants power against free-radicals (the hydroxy radical, especially) they release a dizzying array of critically important enzymes, proteins, lipids and other factors an energy-draining process which decreases levels of vitamin C in activated macrophages.

Some key products released by macrophages include: enzymes that break down cholesterol, triglycerides and protein: interferon-alpha and interferon-beta (“green berets” of our immune expeditionary forces used against AIDS and other diseases): other immune cells: interleukin-1, interleukin-6, and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha: chondroitin sulfate (proteoglycans) – critical for injury and arthritis and cyclic AMP part of our bodies’ energy equation).

Wound Healing and Inflammation:  Macrophages also participate in reducing inflammation and in the healing of tissues following injury.  The role of macrophages in inflammation is complex, involving the release of molecules that regulate activity of connective tissue cells.  In addition, macrophages secrete angiogenesis factors, that is, factors that bring on the development and growth of new blood vessels.  The same molecules promote growth of endothelial tissue and smooth muscle tissue.  Reducing the number of macrophages in tissues results in poor wound healing.

Tumor Cells:  Activated macrophages can be powerful weapons against many unrelated tumor cells, as can macrophages’ “children” such as interferon mentioned above. 

Interferon:  Not only is interferon released by macrophages, it, in turn, increases the anti-bacteria and anti-tumor capabilities of macrophages and boosts their innate immune powers.

In conjunction with antioxidants (including vitamin C) Beta-1,3-D-glucan – this yeast-derived sugar – can certainly “rise to the occasion.”




Studies show that the therapeutic effect of synergistically blended nutrients can work better together than one nutrient on its own.  That goal stands at the forefront of the Smooth Run product line.  The principal foundation of Smooth Run is a specially blended base of probiotics and digestive enzymes. This blend is so important because what really matters is how well your horse utilizes the nutrients you take the time to give.  Without the proper digestive enzymes and beneficial intestinal bacteria, food is not 'fermented' in the way it was intended as it passes through the digestive tract.  Instead of being digested, it remains undigested.  As you read on, you will see how important the digestive process is to maintaining a calm horse.  The Smooth Run recipe is then complimented with a full spectrum vitamin formula, minerals and a joint complex, which acts as a major building block to cartilage repair.  It is truly an all-in-one supplement.  

Smooth Run Plus Calming adds a combination of Valerian Root, Chamomile Flowers and Ginger Root to the basic nutrients in Smooth Run Plus:

  • Valerian root is an herb that has been used for centuries in Asia and Europe to relieve anxiety, depression, and is also used to lessen stomach cramps. Studies of valerian confirm a mild sedative effect, one that is calming but does not usually result in sleepiness.
  • Chamomile flowers are used in alternative medicine to soothe nervous excitement, as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. 
  • Ginger contains many antioxidants and is perhaps the herb best known to stimulate digestion.  Because Ginger also relaxes the muscles surrounding blood vessels it has a wholesome effect on the circulatory system, facilitating the flow of blood throughout the body.

These completely natural herbs have proven time and again to help many overwrought horses conquer their distress and still make it to the pay window!  Please remember that anxiety (or what appears to be anxiety) in your horse can be the result of many factors. 

  • Performance Anxiety.  It is common for angst about competition to generally be played out in the gastrointestinal system.  This stress response causes muscle tension, excess acid in the gut and even physical signs such as trembles under the skin.  For these horses, Smooth Run Plus Calming definitely helps.  
  • Pain.  Other horses that become anxious before going into the arena may simply be in pain and are exhibiting symptoms of stress because they know the run might hurt. This is often a result of discomfort in a joint.  While supplementation can help to repair damaged cartilage, if you suspect your horse’s anxiety is the result, a consultation with your Vet would be in order.
  • Excitement sometimes manifests itself as anxiety.  Some horses love to run and are so fired up they seem to be acting out.  If he is merely anticipating your run but has not “run off” then he is probably eager to do his job.  Often, just by taking a little bit of the edge off, your horse will be better equipped to concentrate on the job ahead.     

Our professional formula, Smooth Run PRO Plus Calming, has become very popular with skilled barrel racers who find that the constant grind of long-distance hauling, unfamiliar stalls and the strain of competition puts even more pressure on their athletic horse.  Smooth Run PRO Plus Calming combines the benefits of Smooth Run Plus Calming, Ulcer Relief, Breathe Smooth  in one easy to feed supplement. 

We've seen our product work wonders.  Not just on attitude, but also in hoof and coat condition, muscle tone (the colostrum in our formula helps here) and you'll notice that when your horse feels better, he'll generally be a better teammate. After all, Barrel Racing is a team sport.  

Whether you choose Smooth Run Plus Calming or Smooth Run PRO Plus Calming, you’ll be helping your anxious horse find his peak performance level. 


“When you want the best, feed the best.”



I just wanted to submit a testimonial to encourage people inquiring about the Garlic Blend to try it out! My mare is extremely sensitive to fly bites, she loses hair around the fly bite area and develops welts all over, as well. To make matters worse, the only stall that is available for her at my barn is less than 200 feet away from the manure pile. The Garlic Blend has helped in more ways than I ever imagined!! She loves the taste and will eat it even by itself. This supplement really helped with keeping flies away from her and her manure; it also helped reduce inflammation! I have not seen any welts on her AT ALL ---

Daniella De La Cal Whittier, CA

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Smooth Run Plus calming product has helped my horse. I have tried other products & not had the results that I have had with your products. Cash is 100% better now. He is very laid back, doesn't booger from anything, & is running better. His mind is alert & attentive to me. I highly recommend your products to anyone. Thank you,

Linda Hart, TX.

Hi, my name is Al, (short for Alanya) i wrote you guys about 8mos ago~ I had won a trio package at our barrel racing finals held in Red Bluff, Ca last year to thank you for the donation and award, i never really tried it, being unsure~ i talked to my friend Cathy Cagulary and she said to try it, well started my young guy BO on it about 2wks ago, and ran one of our races out of 40 girls took 1st in the 1-d then went to the Ruth, Ca rodeo and won 1st there on the 21st, then on the 22nd went to another barrel race and out of 48 girls, won 1st in the 1-d again, I'm so happy, I've told all my friends it must be the smooth run~~ so they told me i should write to you and let you know what a wonderful product you've come up with, and i as well want to tell you thank you again~~ my dreams and goals are to make it to the finals this year in the C.C.P.R.A. and currently sitting 8th in the state. I have no doubt we'll make it now.. thanks again~ Another happy barrel racer~

Sweet Al Freeman Al Freeman Cottonwood, Ca

I am telling you that the competitive factor is a gift from god.. My little mare has to be on dermosadan to be shoed. she is terrified and she freaked while being shoed and went threw a barb wire fence, got hung up in the hog wire, went threw a wooden fence then knocked herself out on two different oak trees.. needless to say she was cut up.. I have her on the competitive factor.. always have, and she was well fast it was unreal.. she is sound and has been riding fine. Her soreness in her muscles was gone in a couple days.. This stuff is great..

Karin Griffin

Just a note to let you know that once I got my horses to eat the Garlic blend, I have had next to zero problems with fly's. I love it. We pasture our horses next to a creek where the mosquitoes are very thick and after I started using the Garlic blend, I have seen no mosquitoes on the horses. I recently started my barrel horse on smooth run and I really think it has made a difference. Just a thank you from Washington state.

Pam Klein

Hi Linda, It was good seeing you and your helper (I never did get her name) at Tulare. I want to thank both of you for the help I was given and the suggestions on changing Tiffany's vitamins and putting her on the Ulcer Relief. You both were so supportive!! I really appreciate it. Tiffany's back is quite sore, so I'm not racing her this weekend, saving her for Reno over Easter. By then I should really be able to tell if there's any change in her due to the calmer/ulcer relief. I figured I could incorporate those two products in with what my vet said when I first switched her to the Smooth Run Plus. Take care !! See you in Reno.

Kim Magallanes

p.s. I was at the bottom of the ground when I ran on Sun. and still improved by almost 1/2 second.

Dear Smooth Run, I wanted to give you a up date on how it is working for my horse. He has been running like never before. He is ready to go in the gate and fly like the wind.

Thank you,

Emily Harris & Small Town Victory :)

live in San Gegorio, Ca. about 35 miles south of San Francisco, on the coast. My daughter and I do barrel racing. We have been using smooth run plus on our horses and have noticed a more consistence runs.

Phillip & Christine Stahl, San Gegorio, Ca

“I love the product, it’s so much easier to feed. My horse Tiffany eats it right out of my hand and my dog likes it too.”

Kim M., California

“I heard about SMOOTH RUN when my mare pulled her stifle. I started her on SMOOTH RUN PLUS and COMPETITIVE FACTOR and in two days I had noticed a difference. In three months I was riding her and in four month I made my first run back. Overall this product has improved her hair coat, muscle tone and weight. She’s running harder and staying healthy.”

Thank You,
Lacey Turner, California

“SMOOTH RUN helps me stay healthy and smooth movin’ to stay on top.”

Bobby Waller
RCA Bull Rider, California

“I have four dogs ranging in age from 1 to 13 years. The two oldest dogs are 12 and 13 and have developed arthritis in their leg joints. Quite often, early in the morning before their daily walk they limp and exhibit stiffness in their joints. I’ve tried various pills, but experienced minimal results with the added inconvenience of pill swallowing. The dogs have now been on Canine’s Choice Joint Support for two months. They have no more noticeable stiffness or loss of mobility in their joints, and seem to act younger. I plan on keeping them on “Joint Support” of the rest of their lives.”

David St. Lawrence, Nevada

“When my horses are on the products, any injuries they have incurred the recovery time has been cut in half.”

Colleen, California

“I can tell a big difference in my horse. He has a lot more energy and no more allergies. His body mass has really filled out since I put him on SMOOTH RUN PLUS.”

Jennifer D., Tennessee

“Thank you for such a wonderful product. Our horses are calmer and run faster on SMOOTH RUN PLUS.”

Lisa W., Alabama

"A super product for a super all-around horse. K.C. is a 15 year old Quarter horse gelding, he competes in high school and the California Jr. Rodeo Association where he runs barrels, poles, goat tying and breakaway roping. With so many events K.C. needed something to give him a competitive edge. SMOOTH RUN PLUS gave K.C. just that. He is running harder, turning faster, and his all-around performance has improved a hundred percent."

Thank You,
Nicole Capocciama

"I want to thank you for finding the MIRACLE CURE for old horse disease. My old horse, Printer, has been through the gamet as far as injury and health problems. His heart is huge, but at almost 18 his heart was beginning to show signs that the end of his career was near. It would seem the heart could not keep an old body working up to perfection. Just prior to leaving for the Reno AM West National Finals, Printer came down with a respiratory ailment and could barely walk on either front leg. Pedal Osteitis had now spread to the left foot as compensation for the right. An appointment was made to nerve him and turn him out for good when Reno was over and as long as he walked he would live. At Reno, Printer was being given 50 isoxaprene and 3 bute daily. That was just so he could compete. When I used MOTHER NATURE'S BLEND, his respiratory ailment in only 2 days and he felt better than he had the week before. At Reno I began to give Printer SMOOTH RUN PLUS as a sort of last resort and after only 3 weeks (21 days), At his first race since being put on SMOOTH RUN PLUS and at a time I thought he would never run again, Printer was 2.5 tenths off the leader in the race. I just want to say thanks for devising a product that gave me my horse back. He feels better than ever. I would recommend this line of products to anyone."

Shea Mcintoch

"My husband and I have been training performance horses (barrels, poles, team roping, racing, etc.) for 15 years or better. I am a member of the WPRA - America West and have been running barrels for quite some time now. I have experimented with most feed supplements - some with good results and others with not so good results. Recently, I have started using SMOOTH RUN products and now have 6 head on SMOOTH RUN. I am seeing tremendous results. Blondie, 18 years old, has had really bad feet and is known to colic. Since using SMOOTH RUN, Blondie has cut off 2 seconds off her time. She won the 8 and under saddle for the C.J.R.A."

Delia Davenport Bonsall, California

T-Bone is a 6 year old Quarter Horse gelding previously trained for reining and cutting horse competition. He was started as a five year old on barrels and took right to it. He seemed to enjoy that event more than anything. His problem seemed to be that after exerting himself while running he took a long time to regain normal breathing. He is used everyday, ponying yearlings and is in top physical condition, but he still had difficulty breathing after heavy exertion. I started T-Bone on SMOOTH RUN and after only one week noticed his problem getting better. After three weeks on the product he is not only running faster times, but has no stress time after his run. His recovery time is like a normal horse and his times have improved. I highly recommend this product.

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