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Infrared Electric Space Heater Infrared Halogen Deluxe Portable Electric Space

Space Heaters Infrared  Ceramic Halogen Room Space Heater

Electric Space Heaters Room Heating With Ceramic Environment Safe Heat Source 

Far-Infrared Electric Space Heaters

Far Infrared Electric Space Heater

Infrared Space Heaters
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Far-Infrared Electric Space Heaters lamps

Air Ionizers Cleaners> [1][2][3][4][5][6] established in 1995 in Carlsbad CA 92011 we provide electric space heaters infrared for room clean environment and not burning oxygen in the rooms
Infrared Electric Space Heater Bio Ceramic Halogen
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The Best Electric Space Heating Source Ever Designed!
A High - Tech Heater For The New Millennium



Electric Space Heater Infrared Bio-Ceramic Energy &   Far Infrared Rays With Halogen Tubes,  An Ideal Heating Source For Your Home & Office. Design with Keeping Environmental Health & Wellness In Mind ! This Heater is an Ideal Instant Heating Source. Bio-Compatible, Healthy For Humans, Environmentally and Fire Safe.

Your Body Will Love This Instant, Gentle, Soft, Solar Far Infrared Halogen Heat !

Power Supply  Cut-Off Automatic! - Balance Safety and Tip-Over Switch Design!

  • Infrared Heater Does NOT Burn Oxygen in the room !.
  • Heater emits 91.7% of the energy it's uses.
  • The halogen tubes will reduce the energy bill to half with Halogen FIR Radiant Energy. More economical and effective compared to conventional electric heaters.
  • There is minimum heat loss with the Infrared Heater because warm air doesn't rise. Heat is not conveyed by convection, it is transmitted like sunshine.
  • Even if vinyl is put very close to the heater it will not burn or melt.
  • All functions remote controled (optional)
  • The Far Infrared Heater generates heat instantly!. You don't have to wait for heating to start and there is no danger if you leave a room after turning off the heater. There is no heat accumulation after it's turned off.
  • The FIR Heater produces beneficial Bio-Energy Heat by halogen tubes.
  • The life and durability of the Infrared Tube-Elements is semipermanent because it uses Halogen Tubes.
  • Has low and high temperature selectable adjustment knob,
    with selectable oscillating function. Heat is evenly spread around the area.
Electric Space Heater Infrared Heater,Electric Space Heater.Bio Ceramic Halogen I-Solar Home Room Heat. Oscillating Motion For More Efficient
Infrared Electric Space Heater,Electric Space Heater.Bio Ceramic Halogen I-Solar Home Room Heat.
Space Heater Infrared Heater Electric Space Heater Bio Ceramic Halogen.
  • This Infrared Heater DOES NOT BURN Oxygen in the room! 
  • Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Energy is proven to be the best form of Natural, Healthy Heat. Maintaining body Vitality without side effects.
  • Produces Immediate Soft Heat!
  • This efficient FIR Halogen Heater Emits over 91% of the energy it's uses, and it is all FIR Energy!
  • The Halogen Tubes use heat resistant Stainless steel with Electromagnetic Wave - Blocking Coating Material inside of the tubes.
  • The Far Infrared Rays are Produced from the Bio - Ceramic top coating of the tubes.
  • Far Infrared Heat has been scientifically tested showing that the FIR wavelength of between 8 - 25 microns emitted by the halogen tubes prove to be Optimum Energy Readily Absorbable By the Human Body!
  • Far Infrared Energy radiates heat and allows the body to absorb the heat deeply, activating a unique beneficial wave form and vibration.
  • FIR Heating Lamps has been successfully used by doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical
    therapists, health professionals for it's health benefits
Electric Space Heater Infrared Solar Heater Electric Space Heater.Bio Ceramic Halogen I-Solar Home Room Heat Radiation Environmentally safe
FIR Energy Also Has These Unique Physical Properties
  • Kills Bacteria
  • Eliminates Smell And Odor
  • Regenerates Cells
  • Does not Burn Oxygen!
  • Assists in Good Sleep
  • Long  Life Heater Tubes
  • Eliminates Mildew
  • Eliminates Fungi
  • Promotes Circulation
  • Safety Tip-Over Switch!
  • Assists Skin's Breathing
  • The Halogen Space Heater protects against Electromagnetic Wave emissions into the room. (See Cross Section Tube Graphic)Electric Space Heater Infrared Electric Space Heater Ceramic Halogen I-Solar Home Room Heat Radiation Environmentally safe
  • Unlike regular electric heaters, Far Infrared Halogen Heats Do Not Burn Up Oxygen Because it uses Enclosed Halogen Tubes! The FIR Heater Radiates Natural Halogen and Far - Infrared Rays. The Heater helps to keep indoor air fresh without directly burning oxygen in the air!
  • Halogen Enclosed Tubes - Semi-permanent.  Will Last A Very Long Time!
  • This heater is designed with safety as priority!
  • The guard grill surface of the I-Solar Heater heats up very little.
  • The heater will not easily catch fire if accidental contact with paper or other materials and therefore the chance of fire hazard is substantially reduced.
  • The specially designed safety device will immediately cut off the electric power supply if accidentally toppled or thrown off balance.
  • Remote Control controls : "ON" "OFF", Oscillating, "High" "LOW", Timer  
Infrared Heater Electric Space Heater Electric Space Heater.


  • In Any Room Of Your House
  • At Your Office
  • Massage Room
  • Treatment Room
  • In Any Work Area
  • In Your Bathroom
  • Bedroom 
  • Living Room
  • In Your Garage


  • Height ...... 30"
  • Width ......... 19"
  • Guard Grill
  • Carrying Handle
  • 90 Oscillating Heater Head
  • Separate Hi/Lo Buttons
  • Oscillator Button
  • On/Off Button
  • Amp -- 10amp. on "High"
  • Amp --- 5amp. on "Low"
  • Large Timer Knob
  • "High" Halogen Tube ... 980 watt
  • "Low" Halogen Tube .... 460 watt
  • Halogen Tubes-Semi-permanent
  • Heating Selector Knob
  • Metal Heat Reflector
  • Cooling Cabinet
  • Safety Tip - Over Switch
  • Elegant, State-Of-The-Art Design
  • 110 volt.

GUARANTEE:  365 days parts  

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