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Jade Rollers Far Infrared Heat Massage Bed
Jade Infrared Massage  Shiatsu Massage Bed
Jade Massager,Massage for Chiropractors, Physical therapists and Chinese Medicine - Far Infrared


Far Infrared Heat Massage Bed
Jade Rolling Shiatsu Massage Bed
Far Infrared Massage Bed - Dream Rolling Bed
Far Infrared Heat Jade Rollers Shiatsu Massage

Jade Rollers Infrared Heat Shiatsu Massage Bed         $1999.00                Quantity

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Why use "Jade Infrared Massage Bed " ?

Mini Massager,Far Infrared Ray Ceramic Heat Massage Bed, massaging Head to AnkleANCIENT TRADITIONAL WISDOM & MODERN TECHNOLOGY

  1. The Jade Massage Bed combine latest Advanced Micro-Computer Technology with Combination of thousands of years old Korean and Chinese wisdom for wellness: Heat, Acupressure, Moxibustion, Massage. Interior  Far Infrared Ray Heat with Jade Rollers, and Exterior Portable 12 Ceramic Bulbs Unit, makes possible to produce and deliver more Pure Far Infrared Heat Rays to desirable areas of the body.
  2. New Jade Rolling Balls, Far Infrared Ray Ceramic Heat, massaging all Acupressure Points simultaneously on both sides of the Spine, Neck, Hips, Ankle. Promote CHI Energy Flow and Overall Wellness.
  3. 14 Jade rollers freely maneuver to and along humane body curve
  4. Result-delivered heating of far infrared ray at wavelength between 2.5 and 13.5 microns traveling 3 (40 70mm) deep into the body

Made of well-selected natural Jade Rollers, durable leather-inspired fabrics and solid wood foundation, the all new and innovative Shiatsu Jade Bed combines the therapeutic and relax benefits of surface-soothing massage, deep-penetrating acupressure with far infrared heat treatment. Like no other beds, the Shiatsu Jade Bed has been sold all over the world by hundreds and thousands. It is the best performing and most reliable bed in the market that holds safety, quality UL and CE certificates.  The shape of our Spine has been changed by modern life stile and sedentary habits. This may change the shape, structure, internal pressure in human Spine Code, CHI Energy Stagnation, Nervousness, Stiff Muscles, Joints, Lost productivity. Aliment to: Spinal Code, Pelvis, Hip Bones, Knees helps to build a Strong Immune System, Promote sound "Snooze", General Wellness.

Benefits of  Jade Massage Bed 
 Far Infrared Ray Heating Massage

1. Neck to Ankle Function:
Far Infrared Ray Ceramic Heat Massage Bed, massaging Head to Ankle. This calms the Nerve System, Increase CHI flow, Blood Circulation, promote Sound "Snooze".

2. Moxibustion Effect:
In Oriental Medicine Moxibustion, Massage, Acupressure, Heat has been commonly practiced for health improvements from generation to generation for thousands years in past up to modern days. The deep penetration of warm gentle Far Infrared Ray Heat from internal Ceramic Balls, and external unit with 33 Bulbs, promotes Sound "Snooze", Smooth the Blood Circulation, increase CHI Energy flow and body Metabolism.

4. Acupressure Therapy Effect:

Ceramic Rolling Acupressure covers all critical points on the Spine, Neck, Lumbar, Buttocks, Hips, Feet. Getting the effect of Acupressure that helps to regain and activate the Biological Rhythm, release stiff muscles, open stagnation of vital Energy Meridians to promote CHI Energy flow, Circulation, Sound "Snooze", recover from Fatigue while just lying and the Jade Rolling Massage Bed does it all.

5. Far Infrared Ray Effect with Interior Ceramic Balls & Exterior 12  Bulbs Unit:
Ceramics material consisting of Inorganic Elements, generates a large amount of Far Infrared Rays. Which transmit direct and momentary Red energy, without middle medium. This creates warm substance from inside to improve: CHI Energy Flow, Blood Circulation, Sound Snooze", and discharge accumulated toxins, wastes from the body. (Cleansing effect, recommended drinking a cup of water after each session).

6. Massage Effect:
For centuries Massage have been used for health benefits. Even more beneficial Massage Bed with Far Infrared Ray Heat. This functions: increase CHI flow, Blood Circulation to promote: Sound Sleep, Metabolism, Strengthen and Calm Nerve System, Relax Stiff Muscles and Joints, helps the body to heal it self.

7. High Tech multifunction Remote Control:
Push Button Remote Control with functions memory. Allows either Automatically or Manually to choose any of desired favorite functions.

Technical Specifications
  • Power supply -110volt, 60 Hz.
  • Power Input - 0.35KVA
  • Far Infrared Heat - Moxibustion: far Infrared ray 2 -12.5um. microns traveling 3 (40 70mm)
  • Exterior - 12 Bulbs
  • Programmable Remote Control - Push Button, User Friendly
  • Jade Rolling Massage - Neck to Ankle, Head to Ankle (Remote Control)
  • Interior Jade Balls - Massage, Acupressure, Far Infrared Ray Heat
  • Exterior Far Infrared Ray Heat Unit - Deluxe Extra Large, 12 Bulbs.
  • Functions - Far Infrared Ray Heat, Moxibustion, Rolling Jade Massage, Acupressure
  • UL Listed & CE Certified
  • Size - 21H x 26W x 80L
  • 180 degree of horizontally positioned recliner
  • Weight - 140lbs.

  • If you pregnant
  • If you have cancer
  • If you have any injury or trauma
  • If case of malignancy
  • In case of internal disease
  • Skin disease
  • After surgery
  • Young kids
  • Old fragile person

Always consult with your physician before using these products. We do not make any diagnosis or give medical recommendations. These products are not intended to cure, heal, or prevent diseases.

Consulting with a Doctor is always recommended.


Pulse Magnetic Massage Model 2H-60
The Belt-Type Pulse Magnetic Massager contains 60 wheels and 60 neodymium magnets. Creates beneficial magnetic field 4" from surface of rollers.

It enables the user to massage one's complete body by one's self.

The user can modulate the pressure according to one's own needs and desires.

It can be used while sitting down or standing up.

The belt-type massager does not require batteries or electricity, is sturdily constructed, and confidently carries a full one (1) year limited warranty.

And......The Belt-Type Pulse Magnetic Massager feels GREAT!

Warning: Those with pacemakers should first check with their physician before using this product.  In addition, the massager should not be used on the abdomen of pregnant women.

(Unlimited one year manufacturing warrantee)

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Consulting with a Doctor is always recommended.

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