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TDP Infrared CQ-55 Mineral Infrared Lamp Third Generation Deluxe CQ-55A TDP Lamps Far Infrared Three Mineral Plates Best Design established in 1995 in Carlsbad CA 92011 we provide Acupuncture Pellets Magnetic Pellets Press Needles and more Acupuncture Supplies. We participating in health Conventions Professional Acupuncture Meetings Doctors Curriculums presented products by Buyamag Inc 

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 CQ-55A TDP Mineral Lamps Energizer Mineral Infrared  Lamp Third Generation Deluxe

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FIM Digital  Energizer TDP Infrared Mineral Lamp Third Generation!
Three  "Black Coat Mineral Formation"  Plates OVERSIZED 11"  Head
LCD Digital Timer

FDA 510K.  #K43558

TDP Mineral Wave Lamp Third Generation Deluxe

The Third Generation TDP Lamps Deluxe is New, and UpGraded version of TDP lamps. The main unique part of Third Generation TDP Lamp  is the "Shining Head" with Triple  "Black Coat Mineral Formation" Plates.   Each Plate adjusted for most  effective  Optimal  Shining Angle.  The Liquid Crystal Digital Timer has "Accumulative Timing Memory" (Mineral Plates  replacement time). Heat Intensity" (2 stages select). Increased Treatment Time Range,    up to 95 min. Three  "Black  Coat Mineral Formation" Magnetic Plates  each  consists of  33  Mineral Elements, Fe, Se, Mn, Zn, Co, Ni, Cu, Cr and K, Essential  for the Human Body.  And it's Far Infrared Ray Ranges from: 2-25micr. to 28-34mw/ in intencity. Tandem with  Triple Plate "Shining Head"  ability of Wide Range Wave Spectrum,  increase  Adaptation to Human Body and  insures  positive Biological Effects and lamps Efficiency.  Also this Deluxe TDP Model design with Double Fuse Box Protection, and Plates & Safety Screen Protection.

  • TDP Users Manual ----------- Included (English)

  • TDP Points Of Application  --- Included (English, Chinese)

(3 year manufacturing warrantee)

Many Awards Winner  

Deluxe 3'd Generation Upgraded, LCD Digital Timer $499.00

Sale!                    Regular  $499.00

  $459.00 Quantity

   Extra Features  New  CQ-55A TDP Lamp  Deluxe Model 3'd Generation
  • "Black Coat Mineral Plates" ----------------------------Three "Black Coat Mineral Formation" Plates Design
  • Shining Angles -----------------------------------------  Design With Three Optimal Shining Angles 
  • Accumulative Timing Memory --------------------------1500Hrs. (Mineral Plates Usage, Replacement)
  • Timer -------------------------------------------------- Microprocessor Computer Design
  • Timer Display ------------------------------------------ Liquid Crystal Digital Display
  • Time Select Button: ------------------------------------ Left Button
  • Treatment Time Range: -------------------------------- Increased, Up to 95min.
  • Reset Button ------------------------------------------- Middle Button
  • Head Plate Screen Protection & Safety ----------------  Head Plate Screen Design Added for Safety
  • Double Fuse Protection -------------------------------- Two Fuses Design  in fuse box
  • Band Spectrum ----------------------------------------  Wide Range
  • Heating Intensity levels -------------------------------- State I and State II select
Indications For Use
  • Intended to use and emit energy in the infrared spectrum to provide topical heating for the purpose of temporarily elevating local tissue temperature
  • Intended to use for the temporary relief of minor muscle strain spasm, temporary increase in local Blood Circulation where applied, and the Relaxation of Muscles. Temporarily Pain relief for:
  • Back & Neck 
  • Hip & Leg
  • Arthritis Bursitis
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Shoulder & Arm
  • Strained Muscles
  • Sports Injuries
  • Elbow & Knee Joints
How Far Infrared Waves Effect On The Human Body ?
  • Rejuvenation on Cells 
  • Helps Release Toxins From Cells
  • Raises temperature In the Tissue
  • Improvement In Lymphatic System
  • Expansion In The Capillary Vessels
  • Promote Blood Circulation
  • Promote Oxygenation
Technical Specifications
  • Timer ----------------- Built-In Liquid Crystal  Digital  Display
  • Heat ------------------ 3 Heat Levels Select
  • Heat Levels ----------- State I and State II
  • Shining Angle --------- 3 Shining Angles 
  • Mineral Plate ---------- 3 Mineral Plates 
  • Infrared Range -------- 2 to 25 mcr Wavelength 
  • Power Consumption --- 280~350W 
  • Intensity -------------- 28 to 34 mw/ 
  • Voltage ---------------- 110 volt,50Hz.
  • Double Fuse Protection
  • Operative Mode-------- Multiple Mineral Plates
  • Display System -------- LCD Four Digital Display
    Liquid Crystal 
  • Head Position --------- Dual Adjustable Multi-Position 

                                             Why Use TDP Lamps Third Generation ? 

The the Third Generation TDP Lamps design includes:  3 Black Coating Mineral Formation Magnetic Plates, and delivers Wide Range wave Spectrum  retains the Nucleus part of the first generation TDP Lamp-Radiation Plate and ensures all the biological effects and their adaption to symptoms that the TDP First Generation  lamp ever has. The big difference of the Third Generation TDP Infrared Mineral Lamp is "Shining Head".  This "Shining Head"  can Enlarge Width of Wave Spectrum and Optimize  Wave Structure. "Shining Head"  can provide TDP Quanta at different Energy Level for each individual Person, and can  also Meet the Amount Demand of kinds of TDP Quanta.  So the Third Generation TDP Mineral Infrared Lamp has improved treatment abilities.

                                         Main technical features of the
Third Generation TDP Mineral Wave Lamp

On the technique issue, the third generation TDP
Mineral Lamp treatment  instrument is made up of Three special electromagnetic wave spectrum radiation points ( MIneral Plates ). Each point is working under excitation status set by Regulation Device ( LCD control panel ) and radiate respective TDP Quanta Spectrum, and converges in the treatment area. So it can enlarge width of Wave Spectrum and change Wave Structure in accordance with desire.
Unlike conventional infrared therapeutic devices, the TDP Machine features a plate coated with a Proprietary Mineral formation consisting of 33 elements. When heated by an electric Heating Element, this Mineral Plate emits a special Band of Electromagnetic Waves in the Infrared Range of 2 to 25 microns in Wave length and 28 to 34 mw/ in Intensity.

Due to its unique characteristics, the TDP Lamp Machine  has been  accepted by the FDA for sales in the United States.

                                                                                   FDA 510K number is #K043558.



Infrared lamps repair:

We repair and service all Infrared lamps. All parts in stock.  Just bring, or ship  the Lamp ( top part only ) do not ship the base.  We will call you with the estimate cost for repair. You have to pay for shipping both ways. If you bring the lamp - no shipping cost to pay.


Do not use the Infrared lamps if: High fever, open pulmonary tuberculosis, serious arteriosclerosis, tendency of bleeding, abdominal pain, over the eyes, when body is wet, if pregnant, swollen inflamed area, with hypertension must avoid head application. Keep out of the reach of children.  Consultation  with a doctor recommended at any time.

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