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Magnetic Mini Acupressure Massager Portable Massager Mini

 Magnetic Male Ring Enhancer

Magnetic Massager Mini Acupressure Massagers Portable Massager
Mini Massager & Attachments  

Massager Mini Acupressure Massagers Portable Massager

Magnetic Mini Massager $28.50


Mini Massager

A Patented Spiral Magnetic Wave Motor Function, provides a Special Dipper  Relaxation Feeling and Blood Flow than the basic Massage  Devices. A specially useful in tender, easy to injury body places. Two Interchangeable Massaging Tips with different  configurations are included. Quiet operation! 

A Tip with Tree Vibrating Nodules, Tip with Many Vibrating Nodules or Smooth Tip can be easily replaced.

This Personal Special Mini Massager design for Personal use.  Compact Small 4.5"  but powerful, easy to carry in a pocket or purse, and is user friendly.

This unique Magnetic Mini Massager KA-8097 is designed with using four vital Natural Therapies: Massage therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Reflexology, Acupressure. 

The Mini Massager is a premium device that differentiates itself from similar products by it's ISO9002 and CE approval of quality standards.


It can be used any time any were to promote blood circulation and Relieves Stress and Tension in any part of the body. You can keep it conveniently near whenever needed. Magnetic Mini Massager can also be used for pets. Yes, many pet owners use this device on horses, dogs and other pets to promote body self healing, relax tendons and ligaments after workouts or injuries.

Magnetic Mini Massager And Reflexology

Our Magnetic Mini Massager is designed to help users in practicing Reflexology and have a full benefit of that Ancient Natural Therapy. A form of SONE therapy as well as a Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology as a Natural healing technique has actually been around for centuries dating back to the ancient Egyptian and Chinese practices. The perceived theory of Reflexology is that human beings body terminals like head, hands, and feet areas are equipped with ample sensory nerves and baro-receptor reflex points and zones that "link" or correspond to each and every organ, gland and part of the body. By stimulating, pressuring, kneading as well as massaging these reflex terminal body areas, a Natural Healing Process is conducted and a Natural Equilibrium state of the body is promoted.

Magnetic Mini Massager and Acupressure

Different from Reflexology, Acupressure is a minor needle-less acupuncture. The theory behind this is from a concept practiced in both Eastern and Western medical sciences that mankind owns a 12 lifeline named "Tsu-bo-line" circuits passing through human organs and around the body. Also there are many "Tsu-bo Points" along the "Tsu-bo lines". Reflexology therapy on vital points open blockages in "Tsu-Bo lines and promote vital energy flow, circulation and cellular activity.

Magnetic Mini Massager And Magnetic Therapy

Mini Massager is designed with North Pole (negative -) Spiral Magnetic Waves function 1400gauss. For maximum benefits a 7700rpm motor is specially selected!
Life thrives under the influence of the Eart's geomagnetic field. Researchers have found the Magnetic fields that penetrate the body increase blood flow and oxygenates. This helps the body heal itself Naturally.


Main device
Two interchangeable Massaging Tips with different configurations
Magnetic Field Tester (included)
User manual with a Body Map of Special  Points (included)
Motor 7700rpm.
One 1.5v.AA Battery ( included)
Gift box.

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