www.buyamag.com established in 1995 in Carlsbad, CA, 92011. We produce Orthodontic Models Ligature Tying model retainers braces for study teaching education and training orthodontic techniques. Also Practicing Brackets and Wire Installation. We proud be able to provide custom design Dentistry education orders from dental institutions, schools, universities, orthodontic courses, hygiene courses. We stock diversified variety of dental models, demonstration models, dental training manikins, and simulators, dental posters and charts, and kits for students and Universities Dental educational Schools. Models Can be Used for patient education, legal presentation, Dental Conventions Curriculums, and professional trade-show presentations. Our dentistry manikins and simulators used in schools by students, for  training in techniques patients applications, for new dental procedures, orthodontist trimming model, brackets ligature tying, for general dentists treatments, dentistry disease science, developing new dental instruments, treatment techniques, dental tooth implantation surgeons, periodontal hygiene, supply implant and orthodontic companies, dental laboratories, and dental offices, oral anesthesia procedure, hygiene training procedure specialty suppliers. We developed  dental model simulator for students pass state examination, training dentistry disease treatment in schools curriculums, in laboratory oral gum surgery for implantation preparation, endodontic surgeries, hygiene, periodontal deep cleaning.  Dental Manikins designed to fell and look  life-like real patient. We have selection of models for dentures teeth preparation with models, compatible with phantom heads complete, and ready for training many sessions before going to state dental board examination. For each dental technique training we developed the exclusive kit model, so student be able to perform correct dental treatments, and develop the perfect techniques required by the state board examination, all models made by Buyamag inc Periodontal Dental Model Hygiene Training Simulator Disease Teeth Denture Model Dental Calculus Plague Cleaning Periodontal Hygiene Manikin Simulator Model with Calculus By Buyamag.com
Dental Tak Earth Stone Gypsum Composite www.buyamag.com
Earth Stone Gyypsum Composite
Dental Earth Stone Gypsum Composite & Activator For Dental Model Preparation
    Dental Earth Stone 1 Box (18 mixes 18 Activators)    $49.99

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Dental Earth Stone Gypsum Composite & Activator creates nearly instant silky-smooth Bubble-Free Models without vibrator. Simply inject a supplied liquid activator into one closed powder container. Shake for 20 seconds and remove cover to pour creamy, bubble-free mix. Earth Stone reaches full working hardness in only 10 minutes with absolute consistency
Gypsum Composite rapidly produces stone models for bleaching trays, mouth guards, night guards, temporary bridges, custom trays, and other tasks that require multi-office visits, now possible in a single visit. An instant stone model to save valuable chair-time and improve productivity for the dentist and the entire staff.
Forget: scoop the dust, the mess, the waste, the clean-up, the long setting time - all are history. This is the greatest innovation in model preparation since the spatula. Save valuable chair time and improve productivity for dentist, staff and patient.    Beyond convenience, Earth Stone models have the look and feel of epoxy. Its semi-gloss appearance is chalk-free and scratch-resistant. Its dimensional accuracy is equal to class IV die stone. Ortho-sized Earth Stone Gypsum Composite provides twice as much stone per mix for larger bases. Bright white color. 110g. per mix.
One Box Include: 18 mixes per box
& 18 Activator Bottles.

Orthodontic Models www.buyamag.com
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Orthodontic Models www.buyamag.com
Bench Mount & Typodont View 2
Orthodontic Training Model on Bench Mount & Glide-Bar & "DP Lock"
Orthodontic Model & Bench Mount       $529.00

 Replacement "O Ring - Lock  $17.00

This Orthodontic Model Typodont Is articulated, and combined with Bench Mount, used for orthodontic training Ligature Tying. Mount rotates a full 360 degrees and attaches easily to any Bench or Desk Top or to Chair Head-Rest. The Pole 9" Long  it attached to a Ball-Joint which allows you to easily rotate it in any direction so that the desired positioning, adjustment of the Dentoform or Simulator/Manikin is achieved (simulating dental chair & patient positioning). The Pole can then be locked into place once the pole is in the desired position. The "DP-Lock" ( shown on photo ) glides up and down on the Rod, it can be used as a Jaw open/closed DEVICE.  "C"- Clamp is adjustable to accept up to 4" Table or Bench.
This Mount Can be fast & easily installed and used in Dental Schools, Dental Labs, Clinics or at Home, so it can be used anytime. Compact size, Light Weight makes this Mount: Portable, Universal, Perfect for use on the Base Training or "On-The-Go".

Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practicing Dental Work & students experience, training . American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental Manikins

Orthodontic Models Ligature Tying www.buyamag.com.
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Orthodontic Model & Ligature Tying Training Typodont 28 Teeth

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 Orthodontic Typodont $320.00


Orthodontic Training & Ligature Tying Practicing Typodont - Articulated Upper and lower Jaw Orthodontic Model. Included: 28 Removable, Replaceable Teeth, presented with Orthodontic Braces & Fixtures & Details Attached, Articulator. Irreplaceable Orthodontic Model for Ligature tying practice. Wire installed. Screw Driver for Teeth Replacement - included.  Mount not included.

Orthodontic Models www.buyamag.com.Orthodontic Models Dental Model Braces Teeth.Orthodontic Models.
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Dental Teeth Model www.buyamag.com
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Baby Bottle Tooth Pathology Decay 
Baby Bottle Tooth  Pathology Decay  $297.00


This model serves as a graphic reminder to parents of the damaging tooth decay and pathology that can occur if a baby or young child is put to bed with a bottle of juice, breast milk, formula, or any other liquid containing sugar. Mounted on plastic base. 10½" x 3½" x 3½".

  Teeth Decay Orthodontic Models www.buyamag.com
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Primary dentition www.buyamag.com.
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Full Primary Dentition
Full Primary Dentition  $278.00

Upper and lower Jaw model with metal DP Pole mount Articulator, with soft silicone material gingivae, full primary melamine dentition which includes the first permanent molars.

Impacted 3 Molar Model
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Impacted 3d. Molar 32 Teeth
Impacted 3 Molar   $279.00

Impacted 3rd Molar Model - Completely transparent upper and lower jaw model with 32 anatomically shaped teeth. Model depicts the 4 common wisdom teeth impactions. Impactions demonstrated are: Mesial, Vertical, Horizontal and Distal impactions.

Orthodontic Models Ligature Tying Orthodontic Model
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28 Anatomically Shaped Teeth  Model

Upper & Lower totally Transparent Model, 28 anatomikally Shaped Teeth. Teeth Permanent Fixed.,  not removable.

28 Teeth  Model

Orthodontic Models Ligature Tying Orthodontic Model www.buyamag.com
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Pedodontic Typodont Articulated 24 Removable Teeth
Pedodontic Typodont $299.65

Articulated Soft Gingiva Pedodontic Typodont with 24 Removable Numbered Ivorine® Teeth and adapted for our Pedodontic  Training Manikin-Simulator with Magnetic Quick Disconnect design.

Orthodontic Pediatric Models www.buyamag.com
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Pedodontic Model & Wax Forms in Upper and Lower Jaws
 Pedodontic & Wax Forms  $239.00

Wax Forms in Upper and Lower Jaws Pedodontic Model. White colored epoxy resin material with DP Articulator style pole mount. Partial wax form embedded into upper & lower jaw model.

Orthodontic Models Ligature Tying
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Dental Brush Floss Disease Model Dental Hygiene Model www.buyamag.com
Removable Molars  Larger View
Dental Periodontal Orthodontic Hygiene Involved Model  Flossing & Brushing

Periodontal Orthodontic Hygiene Involved Teaching Model.  Depicting the lower jaw, this model is perfect for discussing and demonstrating proper dental techniques, such as brushing, flossing, and cleaning between braces. Also can be used to demonstrate the application of fluoride varnish. Features a removable, healthy first molar and a removable, decayed first molar with cavities to show how a lack of proper cleaning affects dental health. Comes with a bag of simulated plaque that can be placed between teeth and removed with dental floss during flossing demonstrations. 6" x 2" x 5".

Orthodontic Models Ligature Tying Orthodontic Model www.buyamag.com
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Normal & Pathological Dentition 
  Normal & Pathological Dentition       $410.90

Upper and lower jaw model made in completely transparent acrylic with pathologies (teeth are not removable.) Upper arch (left)-fractured root, radicular cyst, fractured tooth, external resorption of a root and wedge shaped defect. Apical alveolar abscess, pulp polyp, radicular pulpitis, enamel pearl & supereruption. Lower arch (left)- Internal resorption, attrition, lateral abscess, irregular root curvature, alveolar abscess, taurodontia, enamel projection and horizontal impaction 3d. Molar with caries. Articulator is made a sturdy plastic material and is removable.

Dental TMJ Dysfunction Model www.buyamag.com
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TMJ Dysfunction Board  Model ( Magnetized parts )
TMJ Dysfunction  $277.00

(Magnetized) TMJ Dysfunction Board Model Magnetic - Utilizes 3 upper jaw inserts to demonstrate normal function, anterior and posterior slide dysfunction with movable meniscus. Complete with bite splints which repositions lower jaw to normal positions with each insert. Metal base sealed in plastic with magnetized inserts / splints "A" - (anterior slide). "P" - (posterior slide) & "N" - (normal )

All parts are magnetic, and stick to the black board

Orthodontic Maloccusion Model www.buyamag.com
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Malocclusion Demonstration Board  ( Magnetized parts )
Malocclusion Board $278.00

(Magnetized) Malocclusion Demonstration Board Magnetic - Movable meniscus. Replaceable jaw inserts effectively demonstrate malocclusions - class 1, 2-1, 2-2, & 3. Complete with anterior bite splint that fits over central incisor.

All parts are magnetic, and stick to the black board

Orthodontic Model www.buyamag.com
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Articulated Dentoform Soft Gingiva 32 teeth

Soft Gingiva: Articulated Soft Gingiva Dentoform with Removable Teeth





founded in 1995, buyamag Inc. in Carlsbad is proud to produce the finest dental model and anatomical models manikin items used in universities for education and training.  

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