Questions and Answers About QLinks

What is QLink®?

QLink employs a new technology called Sympathetic Resonance Technology, also called SRT. SRT uses subtle micro-vibrational frequencies to strengthen and balance the body's energy system. Since 1991, Clarus Transphase, a sister company to Clarus Products International, has been developing and validating this technology in collaboration with internationally recognized scientists from Stanford University and The University of California. This collaborative effort has produced pioneering results based on the principles of the newly emerging science of "subtle energies."

What are electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?

EMFs are environmental stressors that saturate our home and workplace. They are generated when current is flowing through a wire, or when any form of wireless communication is used. Many professional experts consider exposure to electromagnetic fields hazardous and a threatening form of environmental pollution; others don't. QLink supports the body’s own ability to cope with these environmental stressors.

Recent research data gives rise to a wide variety of mixed interpretations about the harmful effects of EMFs. More scientific research is required before definitive conclusions can be made. For now, this scientific uncertainty about EMF has left many of us with feelings of anxiety and frustration.

Am I currently in danger from electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure?

The EPA recommended levels for safe exposure to EMF range from .5 mG to a maximum of 2.5 mG-with 1.0 mG as a preferred standard.

Impact of EMF Exposure in Milligauss (mG):



Up to 4" proximity

Up to 3’ proximity


4 to 20 mG

2 to 5 mG

Hair Dryer

60 to 20,000 mG

0.1 to 6 mG

Microwave Oven

100 to 500 mG

1.0 to 25 mG


5 to 100 mG

0.1 to 6 mG


Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

What QLink Products are currently available?

The current QLink product line includes QLink Pendants, Clearwave clocks, and a portable unit called the QLink Ally. (See: Questions Regarding The QLink Product Line)

What guarantees come with my QLink Product(s)?

All QLinks have been scientifically tested, are guaranteed 100% effective, and come with an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee. Clarus Products International (CPI) L.L.C. prides itself in having less than a two percent return rate and high ethical standards.

Where can I buy QLink products?

Order on line from secure web page "click here". Or call us at 800 686-5232 between 10.30am. and 6.00pm. pacific time.

More Questions About Using Your QLink Pendant

How should I wear or use my QLink Product(s)?

For maximum results, your QLink Pendant should be worn around your neck so that it hangs at the middle of the chest against the sternum. It can be placed inside or outside your clothing, or on an undergarment in the same area, and can face towards or away from you.

The QLink Clearwave clocks and portable Ally should each be located within their respective prescribed range of effectiveness.

Can I take a bath, shower or swim with my QLink Pendant?

Yes. Your QLink Pendant is waterproof!

Does my QLink Pendant ever need to be ‘recharged?’

No, because your QLink Pendant is powered by your own body’s energy.

Do I have to wear my QLink Pendant all the time?

No, but your QLink Pendant will only benefit you while you’re ‘wearing it.’ Our QLink "Clearwave" clocks and the portable QLink Ally are both stand-alone products that operate when plugged in or turned on. They use a standard AC outlet and provide beneficial value up to 50 feet in all directions from the product. Additionally, the Ally can use either a 9-volt alkaline battery that lasts up to 20 hours, or a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours.

What does the term "QLink" mean?

The term "QLink" is derived from the concept of a "quantum link." At the deepest level, the quantum level, your bioenergy and the environment’s natural energy (from the earth and sun) become more solidly and harmoniously linked by the QLink.

What’s inside my QLink Pendant?

There are three key hardware components inside your QLink Pendant:
  • The Resonating Cell
  • The Resonating Cell is the size of a watch battery, and is made of a unique combination of crystalline elements. In a gentle and subtle mode, it vibrates when placed on or near a person’s body.
  • The Tuning Board
  • The 14 karat gold-plated Tuning Board ensures that The Resonating Cell permanently vibrates in the right frequency range. The Tuning Board keeps your QLink ‘in tune’ so it never needs adjusting.
  • The Amplifying Coil
  • The Amplifying Coil is 75 feet of copper wire wound into a one inch diameter "speaker-coil". It amplifies the QLink's micro-vibrational field so it surrounds the entire body.