Acupressure Massager Portable Magnetic

Acupressure Massager Portable Magnetic

Pressure Portable Massager Black/Silver color
AcuPressure Massager Portable AcuPressure Massager Portable

Buyamag INC


Portable Acupressure Massager, massage and acupressure same time. Used two "AA" Batteries, last a long time. Just press the Head of the Acupressure Massager against the Skeen and Acupressure Massager is On. Release the pressure and Acupressure Massager is Off. Light Weight Portable. Only Black/Silver Color in stock.

Caution - Do not place device near magnetic media, such as credit cards, computers, and other magnet sensitive equipment. DRINK WATER! Hydration is essential for optimum results. Dehydration can sometimes facilitate the onset of a headache.

Warning – Not to be used with implanted electronic medical devices or within two weeks before or after surgery; Avoid usage during pregnancy; Keep out of reach from children; Do not use if individual has any open wounds; Consult your health care professional with any questions prior to utilizing this product.