Ankle X-Ray Image

Ankle X-Ray Image

Ankle Replacement X-Ray Image
Ankle-1 X-Ray Imgage Ankle-1 X-Ray Imgage

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Human Ankle Fibula X-Ray Image. You can see this Image much better in person when viewing these X-Rays with the naked eye. Images can Help medical students and doctors understand how to read Human Ankle Replacement X-Rays, and diagnose pathologies. Pictures shown here are not showing 100% quality of the image you will receive. Your image will most likely be much better than pictured in this listing. Size: 8 x 10"

Used in Medical Schools, Radiography Reading, Observing healing process of Broken Bone, disease and pathology development, Medical Schools educational programs, and practicing Reading X-Ray Films, X_Ray Radiography Reading Students Experience & Training.