Dental X-Ray Gendex GX-770 Intraoral Wall Mount System

Dental X-Ray Gendex GX-770 Intraoral Wall Mount System

KAB-A0770JT GX770 with 74in reach KAB-A0770JT GX770 with 74in reach

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Dental X-Ray Gendex GX-770 System :

The Gendex 770 incorporates: unique automatic line voltage compensation circuitry to provide consistent 70 kVp output each time. Under almost any voltage condition you will get consistent radiographic density. The 770 has a small focal spot for the sharpest resolution and radiographic images-only .6mm compared to .7mm, .8mm or higher on other units. This provides a great combination of high contrast and sharp images. Great Flexibility: The 770 is ideal for a wide range of installation configurations with its long reach arm (in a choice of 65" or 74" reach). For pass-through installations, there is an optional 4X4 single stud mount. In addition to the reach, the arm is stable. The metal suspension arm allows positioning the tubehead without bouncing or movement during the exposure. Remote Exposure: The operator can leave the patient prior to taking the exposure with the comfort of knowing that the X-ray is being produced. The lighted push button can be installed outside the operatory. A light will indicate that the x-ray is being produced. A full feature remote station kit is available if you want to set the exposure outside the room. The 770 should be adjusted to the setting recommended by the digital system manufacturer to provide excellent results.

Technical Specifications:

  • 70 kVp for high contrast films
  • 0.6 mm focal spot for sharp imaging
  • Recessed tubehead
  • Arm Reach - 65" or 74"
  • Automatic line voltage compensation
  • Digitally compatible
  • 2 year warranty
  • Winner of 2006 Townie Choice awards
  • X-ray tube - 70 kVp, 7mA
  • Focal spot - 0.6mm
  • Line voltage - 110-130, VAC 60 Hz
  • Exposure time selections - 3 to 99 impulses (28 steps)
  • Duty cycle - 1 exposure second per minute
  • Focal length - standard 8" or 12" clear cone
  • Duty factor - 1:60 (active/rest)
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Stock # Options Accessories for GX-770:


D0773LS Remote Exposure Switch, Lighted for GX770 $85.50
A8108AA Remote Exposure Switch w/o Light for all Intraoral X-Ray Systems $76.50
A0771AT Remote Station Kit, for GX 770 $225.00
A0778A Remote Station Cable, 35 ft (non-returnable item), for GX 770 $162.00
A0772A 4" x 4" mount, for GX 770 $472.50
D0774B Cone, 8 inch (20 cm), for GX 770 $126.00
D0774A Cone, 12 inch, (30 cm), for GX 770 $126.00