Endos AC & ACP Intraoral X-Ray System

Endos AC & ACP Intraoral X-Ray System

KAB-9992700600 ENDOS AC (76in total inside reach w/ standard 31.5in arm) KAB-9992700600 ENDOS AC (76in total inside reach w/ standard 31.5in arm)

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Dental X-Ray :

Remote Push Button Kit
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Remote Timer Kit
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Endos ACP: Optimized Parameters: The sophisticated Endos ACP timer allows the selection of optimum exposure parameters using pre-programmed anatomical techniques. The choice of the diagnostic target is easily achieved in two quick steps: Choose the size of the patient from the three available and choose the dentition area to be examined. That’s all. At the touch of a key a specific modality may be chosen which optimizes exposure times for use with any digital acquisition system. Endos AC: The Essential Unit: While employing the same advanced technology of the Endos ACP, Endos AC is based on the classic manual selection of exposure times. Endos AC is compatible with all digital sensor systems currently on the market. For those who prefer a basic unit, Endos AC is the best value for performance and budget. Grid Tube Technology: New grid tube technology improves the quality of radiation while increasing the accuracy of exposure and reducing non-diagnostic soft radiation. Utilizing a smart software algorithm, the system automatically compensates for mains voltage fluctuations, insuring stability in film density. The duty cycle ratio (waiting time between exposures) is 1:32. After a typical .5 second exposure, the wait time for the next exposure would only be 16 seconds. Once again, this translates into high efficiency when several images are needed in a sequence. New Arm: Much attention has been paid to the finest details in designing the Endos aluminum arm reflecting both its quality and craftsmanship. The ease of positioning perfectly accompanies its stability, providing the best effectiveness in everyday use. Hygiene: All materials have a glossy finish and have been chosen for quick and easy cleaning to maintain the hygiene of your working environment, and to provide years of lasting durability. Flexibility: The mobile version provides for maximum operational flexibility. Safety: Endos AC and ACP units incorporate advanced self-diagnostics which alert the operator to any problems that may arise. A special safety device eliminates the risk of unintended exposures while inhibiting the X-ray push button when the unit is not in use. Quality of Details: The X-ray push button has been carefully thought out to provide the best grip and ergonomics. The coil cord (extendable to 10ft./3m) is crafted to retain its shape and withstand years of rugged use. Wall Mounting Plate is Supplied with All X-Ray Wall Mount Systems. Standard Extension Arm can be Substituted for Any Size Upon Order


  • 70 KV, 8ma
  • Focal Spot 0.8mm IEC 336
  • Exposure times: 0.02 to 3.2 s in 32 steps
  • Anatomical programs (ACP only): 30 pre-set times
  • Two Year warranty On parts
  • Wall Mounting Plate is Supplied

Used in Dental Offices, Schools educational programs and practicing X-Ray Dental Work & students experience training .