Kodak-2100 Kodak-2200 Dental X-Ray Systems Intraoral Radiography

Kodak-2100 Kodak-2200 Dental X-Ray Systems Intraoral Radiography

KAB-5153622 Kodak 2100 Intraoral X-Ray System 110V/205cm Long Wall Mounted KAB-5153622 Kodak 2100 Intraoral X-Ray System 110V/205cm Long Wall Mounted

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Dental X-Ray Kodak-2100 :

Consistent and Safe DiagnosesSince the safety of your patients and your staff is a key priority, the KODAK 2100 System features a very high frequency generator to help you obtain high image quality while minimizing radiation dose. Digital and ConventionalAdapted to every type of imaging technology: the system operates with both film and digital radiography, including KODAK RVG Digital Radiography Systems, the KODAK CR 7400 Digital Radiography System and KODAK INSIGHT film. Easy and Fast Settings: The simple control of the timer helps you select the correct exposure settings quickly and easily. Clearly displayed on the timer, precise exposure settings are available for both KODAK dental film and radiography systems so it's easy to optimize exposure time based on the type of detector used. Better Patient Protection: The very high frequency technology reduces the radiation exposure up to 25% in comparison with a standard generator. The high quality of the beam maximizes useful x-rays to significantly reduce levels of radiationAccurate Images, Quick and Easy:
The 60 kV very high frequency generator provides a carefully developed blend between contrast and image definition. Complete with a 0.7 mm focal spot, it helps you obtain sharp and contrasted images for easy diagnosis. The new cone design facilitates the correct alignment of the x-ray tube head with the detector, helping reduce the risk of cone-cutting images. Very high frequency (DC) Technology. Easy-to-use and very reliable, flexible design options to meet your needs for film or digital imaging devices

                                    Technical Specifications
Generator Very High Frequency generator - 300 kHz
Focal Spot 0.7mm (IEC 336)
Filtration 2.5mm (.098") eq. Al
Anode (Tube) Voltage 60 kV
Timers Dual-installation layout - remote or integrated to the unit
Timer Settings Manual time settings, film or digital mode
Arm Lengths Short (170 cm/67 in.), Standard (188 cm/74 in.), Long (205 cm/81 in.)
Beam limiting
cone dimensions
About 6 cm diameter at the cone exit (28.3 cm2)
Rectangular collimators (accessories) size A (4.6cm2), size B (8.1 cm2)  size C (12.1cm2)
Anode current 7mA
Exposure times 0,01 to 1,25 sec
SSD (Standard/Long) 8" (20 cm) Optional long cone: 12" (30 cm)
Line Voltage 230-240 V, 100-110-130V, 50/60 Hz
Duty Cycle 1 every 8 sec
Weight < 18 kg (tube head = 4.3kg)

Used in Dental Offices, Schools educational programs and practicing Pediatric X-Ray Dental Work & students experience training