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Power Magnetic Therapy Belts With 20 Magnets 720 Infrared Points Velcro Closure Washable Breathable

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Magnetic Belt 20 magnets Magnetic Belt 20 magnets

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Magnetic Therapy Power Belts With 20 Magnets Build-in, 720 Infrared Points Material established in 1995 in Carlsbad CA 92011 we provide magnetic therapy belts for waist lumbar support. The belt washable, with Velcro closure one size fits all. Design of this Magnetic Belt based on ancient wisdom, practical theory of magnetic therapy and modern technology, combine with infrared material. Magnetic belt helps waist back support while offering the benefits of Magnetic Therapy: Increase Blood Circulation in the lumbar, promote muscle relaxation, decrease muscle spasm. In the same time, Infrared Material (720 Infrared points, positioned on the belt lumbar area facing the body ) increase blood circulation and slightly deliver comfort warmth to the body.