Skull Craniofacial Surgery Cranium Reconstruction Titanium Modular Implants Devices Simulator Academy Educational Model

NCM-Craniofacial Reconstruction Surgery Skull with Titanium Implants NCM-Craniofacial Reconstruction Surgery Skull with Titanium Implants

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Life-Size Craniofacial Skull Reconstruction Surgery Simulator. Skull Shows after Surgery, with Multiple Fractures & Injuries and Titanium Modular Implants used for Repair. Craniofacial Remodeling Surgery done with Real Titanium Implants Modular Devices Include: Mash, Plates, Brackets, Screws. This Craniofacial Skull Simulator - Model Teach Display's Neurosurgery Techniques. Demonstrates a Wide Range of Titanium Modular Implants Parts Devices Design and Available in Skull Craniofacial Reconstruction. Titanium Implants, Devices Parts Modular - Multipurpose, and with Modification can be used in Different Skull Areas. Used in Neurosurgery Education Programs, Medical Universities, Neurology Doctors offices for patient presentations and display, legal presentations.

Craniofacial Scull Professional Academy Medical Grade