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Upper & Lower Jaws Advanced Dental Work Restoration Combination 3 Implant 2 Bridges 7 Crowns Veneer In Lay Kit of 9 Parts

Dental Implants Restoration Bridges Crowns Combo
NPDDM Upper Lower Jaws 3 Implant Combo Dental Model 9 Parts NPDDM Upper Lower Jaws 3 Implant Combo Dental Model 9 Parts

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Advanced Dental Restoration Combo Kit Model Set of 9 parts: Implant, Bridges, Crowns, Partial, Abutment. Upper Jaw Model display Most Common Dental Work - Restoration Techniques used in Dentistry. Model demonstrating:

  • Kit comes with: 7 Crowns, 2 removable fixed bridges, 3 metal implants, Veneer, In-Lay. Made with high quality Dental acrylic and Resin
  • This Demonstrative Implant Model & Fixed Prosthetic on Implant.
  • Dentistry Cosmetic Restoration And Disease
  • Reconstruction on Implant to avoid compromising of adjacent Teeth
  • Explains the importance of Insertion of the Implant for Correct Prosthetic
  • Excellent for Dental offices for patient's demonstrations and also for legal presentations.
  • Ideal Model for Dentist - Patient Communication Treatment Planning Discussions

Great Visual Demonstration on Dental Restoration Techniques. Hands-On Implant Restoration Combination Model for teaching in Dental Schools, Dental offices for dentist - with Patient's Communication, demonstrations, legal presentations. Used in dental and medical schools for educational programs, demonstrations, and student study. Dental Implant Model, made specifically for Dental Schools Programs to teach Students understand Dental Implants procedure, oral dental cosmetic restoration, pathologies & techniques to repair, Implants Training and Experience.