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On the subject of how well we take care of our body by exercises, in the East, for thousands of years, the approach has been to preserve or store the body's energy, to slow down the metabolism, and not to burn up the body's energy and accelerate the metabolism. The aim is to exercise both inner and outer components of the body, i.e., the mind and body together, and not merely the body alone.
The exercise is performed in a gentle, relaxed and calm fashion, and not in an intense athletic training regimen. It is the wisdom of self-cultivation, self-fitness and self-satisfaction, and not the idea of athleticism and competition. In the East, it is believed that health and longevity can be achieved and maintained by cultivation and promotion of one's own mind and body, proceeding through practices of meditation, breath control and body postures.

This art is called Qi Gong (Chi Kung) in China, and Yoga in India become very popular exercise in USA and Europe. Based on the theories of deep meditation of Qi Gong (or Yoga) masters and simulated Alpha wave of human brain EEG, we have developed the machines called Qi Gong Machines and the Yoga Machine. With patented work of combined East Health Wisdom and West cutting edge technology, the Qi Gong Machines can help to relax the body, reduce stress and tension, pain management, and promote body natural healing. In the last 30 years, thousands of Qi Gong machines users worldwide find it works, helps on their conditions, and well being . Si Wang - QiGong Massager ( CHI Kung ) Yoga Infrasonic Machine Chi Gong 8 - 14Hz Frequency Digital Second Generation.
QiGong Massagers Covered with 1 year manufacturing defects warranty

The book: "Qi Gong For Health & Longevity" by Simon Wang, M.D., Ph.D. & Julius L Liu, M.D. This book describes what Qi Gong Energy can do for Humans Life.  And the benefits of Qi Gong Therapy.

Book  can be purchased  To buy this book click here  $24.99 

Qi Gong Infrasonic Massager Machine Si Wang Chinese Infrasonic Massager pain free with Far Infrared Mineral Therapy Qi Gong Infrasonic Massager Machine Si Wang Chinese Infrasonic Massager pain free with Far Infrared Mineral Therapy

Alternative Medicine Magazine".... Device for localized treatment is a lamp on a stand. It's called the TDP Far-Infrared Therapeutic Lamp, and it can provide focused deep heating in therapeutic treatments such as those to increase blood circulation and metabolism. Clinical studies have shown some of the following benefits: decreased inflammation and edema from soft tissue injuries; promotion of circulation and healing; and balancing of the nervous system."  - Alternative Medicine Magazine

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FROM ChongQing BaSan
Instrument Plant, Science & Technology Group.

For ordering parts for TDP lamps please call:

Steel Roller Caster Steel Roller Caster
Original Curing Mineral Plate Original Curing Mineral Plates:
4" dia.- $59.00
6"dia. - $69.00
Ceramic Heater Element Ceramic Heater Element
We service and repair all Qi Gong Infrasonic Machines, TDP Infrared lamps, Magnassagers
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