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EMF Electro-Magnetic Fields Sensor Meter Pollution Radiation Sensor Meter

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Sensor EMF Electro-Magnetic Pollution Sensor Radiation Sensor EMF Electro-Magnetic Pollution Sensor Radiation
EMF Pollution Radiation Environment Sensor Meter


This EMF Field  Radiation Detector Meter is "User Friendly" and very easy to use. No special knowledge is required. The Meter kit includes an instruction manual which is easy to read understand and follow.


EMF Sensor Meter $89.99


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Specifications for The EMF Field Radiation Pollution Meter:

1. "On"-"OFF" button.
2. The Red Led light is on for normal performance.
3. Detects and measures Electromagnetic Fields in two scales, 0.5 and 0.50 MillGauss(MG).
4. Has two deferent scales (High and Low sensitivity).
5. High - Low Sensitivity Switch.
6. Audio and visual signals.
7. Measures RF radiation from mobile phone in two scales, 0.1 and 0.10 mW/cm.
8. Remote probe for ease of measurement of ELF.
9. Remote probe connection jack.
10. Powered by one 9v. battery.
11. Compact size.
12. Light weight.
13. User friendly.
14. Volume control knob.
15. Flattened frequency response curve in ELF mode for increased accuracy.

Sensor EMF Electro-Magnetic Pollution Sensor Radiation

What EMF Pollution Radiation Sensor Can Measure?

Radiation Emitted From: Field Pollution Generated By Electrical Current:
1. Mobile Phones (RF) Radiation 1. High Power Electromagnetic Fields
2. Computers 2. Electric Appliances
3. Power Antennas 3. Home Wiring
4. Radar's 4. Electric Transformers
5. Electro Stations
6. Electric Generators

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