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Quantronic Resonance System

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QRS On The Mir Space Station
Sold To Healthcare Professionals and By Prescription Only
Mir Distant Photo The space program triggered modern research into magnets when astronauts came back to Earth feeling weak. When NASA put magnets in the space capsules, the problem cleared up. QRS has been on the Russian "Mir" Space Station since 1996. The QRS was installed to counter the problems of calcium wasting from cosmonaut's bones, to increase their circulation and to provide additional energy.

The problem of bone wasting in long-term space occupation was a major problem before QRS was introduced. Among other processes, QRS causes a calcium cascade with the production of Ca+ ions, which penetrate the cell membranes and increase bone density.

Back on Earth, it is the beneficial effect of the calcium cascade that addresses the problems of osteoporosis. You can understand the difficulty that a cosmonaut has trying to exercise in space, where the human body is weightless and movement is effortless. QRS uses Electro magnetic fields to charge the cell's Trans-membrane potential (TMP=the difference in charge between the inside and outside of the cell.) The amount of oxygen in the blood stream increases by about 15 to 20% and the added activity carries the blood to the body's extremities.

Using a CMMD diagnostic device, it can be shown that the temperature at the fingertip increases by around 2.5 degrees Celsius after two minutes of therapy. Thus the cosmonauts' circulation is significantly improved. Back on Earth mere mortals who suffer from poor circulation can obtain the space age benefit by using QRS twice a day!

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