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Buyamag Inc established in 1995 in carlsbad CA 92011 we Provide Large Selection of Skeleton Model X-Ray Skeleton Biology Skeletons Disarticulated
Skeleton Model Muscle Skeleton Models Human Skeleton Model Used In Anatomy Education Medical Schools.Skeletal Torso Skeleton Model Learning Skills With Skeleton Anatomical Models Articulated Skele-Torso With Internal Organs
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Muscle Skeleton Model Muscle Skeleton Models Human Orthopedic Skeleton Model Used In Anatomy Education Medical Schools.Skeletal Torso Skeleton Model Learning Skills With Skeleton Anatomical Models Articulated Skele-Torso With Internal Organs
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Skeleton Model With Internal Organs

Discontinued   $7599.00


This Life-Size Deluxe Premier Skeleton with Internal Organs Separating into a total of 41 parts, and identifying some 755 Anatomical Features. Deluxe Premier Anatomy Skeleton is the ultimate instructional and learning-educational tool. Skeletal reproduction have been constructed by hand in natural bone color, using molds cast from actual bone. They are medical grade quality and The Bones are cast from those of a adult male specimen.

Special Enhancements Include:

                        Shown Muscles, Nerves, Ligaments, Arteries :

* Muscles, Nerves, Ligaments and Arteries of the Right Shoulder, Elbow, Hand and Wrist and left Hip, Knee, Foot and Ankle *
* Skull with Muscles of Mastication on the left side - perfect for TMJ studies *
* Nerves, including the Cranial Nerves - even the Olfactory Bulb and Optic Chiasm *
* Arteries: including the complete Circle of Willis * Window into the Frontal Sinus * Breakaway Maxilla to access the Paranasal Sinuses * Spine with soft vinyl Discs, which Exhibits a Cervical Laminectomy, a Herniated Lumbar Disc and Lumbar Hemilaminectomy * Male Pelvis, Sagittally sectioned and hinged, Permitting the Right Hip to Swing open through 45, exposing a Medial View through the Pelvic Bones, Muscles, Rectum, Anus, Bladder, Prostate and Penis

  • Skeleton disarticulates into seven pieces
  • One side of skeleton hand-painted and lettered to show muscle origins and insertions
  • Deluxe medical skull and vertebral column
  • Deluxe brachial plexus, elbow and hand/wrist
  • Deluxe male pelvis hinged and sagittally sectioned so that right hip swings 45
  • Deluxe hip, knee and foot/ankle
  • Left hip disarticulates with ball and socket joint
  • Organs easily removed for individual study

*X-Ray Radiopaque Bones
* Enhancing this Deluxe Premier Anatomy Skeletal framework are synthetic soft tissues and viscera cast from an expertly prepared cadaver.
* State-of the-art durable materials, Custom formulated to duplicate materials as closely as possible the natural color, weight and texture of human tissues, are used throughout. the bones are even X-Ray Radiopaque!
* Commonly occurring Injuries and Pathologies are incorporated, including a "Bucket Handle" tear in medical Meniscus of the left Knee.


* Brain ------------------------ Two Part, Color-Coded Functional Centers
* Lungs ----------------------- Segmented, Color Coded
* Heart ------------------------ Two Part, Normal
* Liver -------------------------- With Gall Bladder And Ducts
* Pancreas ------------------- Colored
* Spleen ---------------------- Colored
* Kidneys ---------------------- With Suprarenals ( Right Kidney Divides Sigitally )
* Small Intestine ------------ "With Windows" Exposing the Duodenal Junction and Ileocecal Junction
* Colon and Mesentery ----With " Windows" in Transverse Colon
* Male Genitalia -------------- Bisected to Show Erective Tissue of Penis and Part Urethra
* Right Testicle --------------- Divides Sagittally


* 30 Page Illustrated Study Guide
* Deluxe Chrome Rolling Stand
* Dust Cover
                                            Size 6' Tall


Skeleton Model With Nerves Muscles Skeleton Model Skueleton Anatomical Model Models Human Skull Model
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X-Ray Skeleton Model Painted Muscle Labeled X-Ray Opacity & Chrome Full Frame Stand

$2699.00 Painted X-Ray Opacity Skeleton

$2600.00 Not Painted X-Ray Opacity Skeleton

Skeletons with X-Ray Opacity Design. An X-Ray's can be performed with this Academy Skeletons.  This Life-Size Medical Professional Grade - the Very Best of Academy Skeletons Ever Designed.  The right side of the Skeleton is Hand-Painted to show Muscle Origins in Red and insertions in Blue. Muscle Names are Hand-Lettered at each Muscle Origin and insertion location.  Cast from the bones of a nearly-perfect adult Male Specimen, utilizing a special process which replicates even the fine details of the original.  Classic Craftsmanship. Each Skeleton's Bone is individually cast by hand, then assembled and articulated by hand - No Short Cuts or Hurry-Up Techniques.  Enduring Performance. Built to last. Only the Finest, Most Durable, and yes, Most Expensive Resins, Duplicating the Heft, Color and Texture of Real Bone, are utilized. Corrosion-Resistance is maximized by the exclusive use of Stainless-Steel wire and custom Stainless Hardware components for articulation.  Built-in extras - most not even available on competitive skeletons - are standard with our Deluxe Skeleton Reproductions. 

                                            Skeleton Features: 

  • X-Ray Opacity Design: just like real bone due to a special additive introduced during the casting process 

  • X-Ray Images Can Be Performed on any part of this Skeletons

  • A window cut into the Frontal Sinus 

  • A Breakaway Maxilla giving access to the Paranasal Sinuses

  • One hand and one foot (on opposite sides) articulated with springs, permitting     Joints Natural flexibility 

  • Detachable Calvaria 

  • Skeleton Disarticulates in to Major Components in 12 Parts

  • Spring-Mounted detachable Mandible 

  • Professional Medical Grade

  • Anatomy Manual & Swivel-Caster Chrome Stand are included

  • Shipped in Two Boxes: 15x15x38"-25lb,   24x3x31'-18Lb

                                          Height: 5' 4"  Tall,   Weight: 41Lb.

                Skeleton includes:  Chrome full-frame Deluxe Rolling Stand


Orthopedic Skeleton Model Orthopedic Skeleton Model Muscle Skeleton Models Human Skeleton Model Used In Anatomy Education Medical Schools.Skeletal Torso Skeleton Model Learning Skills With Skeleton Anatomical Models
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Skeleton  Orthopedic Professional Model 

Discontinued  Orthopedic Skeleton  $5999.00


X-Ray Opacity Skeleton. Preferred by Medical Professionals for Orthopedic Study Programs and instruction of Students and Patients, because it incorporates All the Soft  Tissues Applicable to Orthopedics:   Nerves, Arteries, Muscles and Ligaments.  This Professional Orthopedic Skeleton Model is used in Medical Schools educational programs by teachers and students for easy undersanding and learning Human Skeleton & Soft Tissues Structure, function of Joints Ligaments, Injuries  and Pathologies. Also used in doctors offices and legal presentations. 


  • Deluxe Flexible Vertebral Column with soft vinyl discs, vertebral arteries, 

  • Cervical laminectomy, lumbar herniated disc, complete dura, and sacral plexus 

  •  Deluxe Brachial Plexus on the left side which includes all 14 major shoulder muscles, axillary vein and artery, major nerves of the brachial plexus, plus anterior, medius and posterior scalenus, and serratus muscles 

  •  Deluxe Elbow on right arm with major muscles, arteries and nerves 

  •  Deluxe Hand and Wrist on right side with intraosseus muscles, median, ulnar and radial nerves, tendons, ligaments, arteries, and transverse ligament which can be cut to demonstrate carpal tunnel syndrome 

  • Deluxe Hip on left side which disarticulates at ball and socket joint capsule, and includes pelvic ligaments, sacral plexus with sciatic nerve, femoral nerve, veins and arteries, and major muscles 

  •  Deluxe Knee on left side with bucket handle tear in medial meniscus, cruciate and collateral ligaments, patellar tendon, and individual muscles 

  • Deluxe Foot and Ankle on left side which in addition to all bones of the foot and ankle includes muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments.

Size: 5' 6" Tall

Orthopedic Skeleton includes an Anatomy Manual and chrome full-frame deluxe rolling stand.


Biology Skeleton Model With Nerves Muscles Skeleton Model Skueleton Anatomical Model Models Human Skull Model
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Biology Skeleton Painted Muscle Insertion  Organs Deluxe
Discontinued   $4999.00


This life-size 5'8" tall Skeleton . Calvarium is cut with moveable Jaw mounted on springs.  Skeleton disarticulates into twelve pieces. Right side of Skeleton hand-painted and lettered to show Muscle origins and insertions. Skull features removable Calvarium cap for Neurocranial studies. Skull features breakaway Maxilla revealing Paranasal Sinuses supported by spring-mounted detachable Mandible. Bones of one hand and one foot on opposite sides articulated with springs for joint flexibility. Both Hips disarticulate with ball and socket joint. Deluxe male pelvis hinged and sagittally sectioned so that right hip swings out 45. Organs removable for specialized study include: Two-part Brain, Lobarlung,  Heart (coronally sectioned), Small IntestineColon and Mesentery, Stomach (coronally sectioned), Pancreas, Liver, Kidney (one kidney coronally sectioned) Spleen, Hang-up mounting, Articulated with Stainless Steel Wire                                         

                                                         Size: 5' 8" tall. 


Super Skeleton
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Skeletom Models Super Skeleton
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Muscle Skeleton



This unique Muscle Skeleton features a group of the most important muscles structure, in addition to the complete Bone skeleton, all in one! This design makes this Muscle Skeleton the most desirable for educational medical schools programs as well for health professionals and legal presentations and demonstrations. Makes easier understanding of Human Anatomy, Muscle, and Bone connections and structure.

Cast from natural bone of a six foot adult male, this skeleton is the ultimate in educational models. This skeleton features all of the same muscles, nerves, and ligaments as our unique skeletal torso.


Size: 6' Tall


Muscle Skeleton Features

  • The muscles made from colored, durable, soft , flexible, polyurethane rubber (will last for many decades).
  • The muscles are attached with strong, flexible bunge cords for dynamic banding and stretching.
  • The right shoulder is folly articulated, featuring the Trapezoid Ligament, Conoid Ligament, Superior Transverse Scapular Ligament, Coracoacrominal Ligament, Coracohumeral Ligament, Transversal Humeral Ligament, Middle Glenohumeral ligament, Capsule of Shoulder joint and
    tendon of Bicep Longhead. Also muscles of Rotator Cuff, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, Teres Major and Suscapularias.
  • Lumbar region has: Quadratus Lumborum, piriformis, psoas major, Iliacus, Lumbar Section of Multidfidus, Erector Spinae, Gluteus Minimus and Medius, Superior and Interior Gemallus and Obturator Internus Muscles. Sacrospinous Ligament is also shown. Facet Syndrome at L4-L5, Sciatic nerves and Lamina of Sacrum.
  • A skull with removable cap and lower jaw
  • Right side solid cast carpal tunnel hand
  • Left side wired hand
  • Upper extremities detachable at elbow
  • Right leg includes a bunge knee with patella ligament
  • Left leg is detachable at hip and knee
  • Feet can be wired or bunge
  • Clear plastic dust cover

Super Skeleton
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Super Skeleton


Most complete skeleton, Life-Size, highly detailed and color hand painted. This deluxe Skeleton Model is used in Medical Schools educational programs by teachers and students for easy undersanding and learning Human Skeleton structure, function of Joints Ligaments and pathologies. Also used in doctors offices and legal presentations. Excellent price-performance ratio.

  • Joint ligaments, a flexible spine with nerve endings and full indication of muscle origins and insertions painted on one-half of the body.
  • Flexible Spine to hold bending positions.
  • The skull dissects into 3 pieces with a removable calvarium and lower jaw, with excellent detail and reproduction of the teeth.
  • The mounting of the axial skeleton allows natural movement of the skull on the 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae.
  • The flexible spine includes all spinal nerves and the vertebral artery.
  • A special mounting of the rib cage prevents sagging.
  • The skull, left arm and leg are fully detachable.
  • Muscle insertions in red and blue colors are painted on the left side of the skeleton.
  • The iliocostal and longissimus muscles are painted differently for clearer understanding.
  • The right side has the ligaments of the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee reproduced in a lifelike manner.
  • The left side of the skeleton is provided with numerical notation of the major bones, bone parts, fissures and foramen.
  • Kidney
  • The skeleton is mounted on a mobile stand with a zippered dust cover, skeletal system chart and a complete key.


  • First-class natural cast "Made in Germany"
  • Manual final assembly
  • Made of durable, unbreakable plastic
  • Almost realistic weight of the approx. 200 bones
  • Life-size
  • 3-part mounted skull
  • Individually inserted teeth
  • Limbs are quick and easy to remove
  • Stand and dust cover included
  • Over 600 hand-numbered and identified details
  • Hand-painted muscle origins and insertions
  • Flexible vertebral column
  • Emerging spinal nerves and vertebral arteries
  • Disc prolapse between L3 and L4

Size: 5' 5" Tall


Disassembled Skeleton

Full Disarticulated Skeleton With Skull


This complete,detailed, life-size disarticulated Adult Skeleton includes a 3 part Skull, left hand and left foot on a wire. Used in medical Schools student's educational programs, in doctor offices for patient presentations and legal presentations.


Human SkeletonHuman Skeleton
Human Skeleton


Adult human skeleton, popular for medical education and, demonstration purposes, healthcare professional offices. The front view of this Skeleton is the same as the Muscle Skeleton above, but without Muscles and Tendons.

Cast from natural bone of a six foot adult male. All anatomical details are excellently reproduced. Skull with removable roof and lower jaw. Joints mounted and movable. Upper and lower extremities are removable. Detachable knee and elbow. Skeleton is mounted upright on a roller stand and comes with a clear plastic dust cover. Illustration is included.

Size: 6' Tall


Large GLow-In-The-Dark Skeleton
See larger View
Flexible Skeleton Physiotherapy  



This Specifically designed for use in rehab, physical therapy and sports medicine offices.  Life-size skeleton features a flexible spinal cord that holds bending positions, and the skull, arms, legs and feet are easily detachable for patient consultation. The spine has spinal nerves and soft foam discs that allow for natural bending. The shoulders, hips and ankle joints are connected by heavy elastic cord that allows for rotation and for partial or complete separation from the body of the skeleton. Mounted on a mobile base

Size: 5' 6" Tall


flexskel.jpg (16373 bytes)
Flexible Human Skeleton


A first-class human skeleton, highly detailed with a flexible spine that can hold various positions or postures. Designed for easy understanding of bone movements and body support. All features and details have been carefully reproduced.

The Skull is dessectible into 3 parts:
* Calvarium
* Base of Skull
* Lower jaw

The upper and lower extremities are flexible and removable. The flexible skeleton allows almost all natural movements. Rotation and movements of Skull on 1st. and 2nd. Cervical vertebrae can be demonstrated as well. The spine includes nerves and vertebral artery. This Skeleton is suitable for medical schools and educational programs.

Used in healthcare professional offices for patient demonstrations, also used in legal presentations. The Skeleton is  mounted on a mobile stand. A clear dust cover and Skeleton system chart are also included.


Aids for health care professionals, holistic healers, acupuncturists,Chinese medicine. Alternative therapy treatment, alternate health resources and natural therapy books and resources. 34" Skeleton  Model


34" tall plastic skeleton with the color and appearance of real bone. Articulated to show joint movements of the jaw, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. Hands and feet are molded in one piece, skull shows main suture lines. Includes metal stand.


34" Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton 34" Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton

$189.00 Out Of Stock

34" tall Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton. Articulated to show joint movements of the jaw, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. Includes metal stand.


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