What Is Ionized Water?

One of the Most Significant Antioxident
Advances Of Our Generation

A Liquid Antioxidant
Powerful Antioxidant

The Technos Water Ionizer

Diagram Demonstating the Simplicity and
Genius of Ionized Water Applied Theory


Model Name Technos Water Ionizer Ionized Water Production Continuous Flow Through Process
Overall Dimensions 13" high x 12" Across x 5.5" Electrode Materials Solid Titanium Electrodes with Platinum tips
Electrical Specifications 110 Watts - 1.0 AMP Flowrate Through Unit Approx 1.5 gal/min
Unit and Shipping Weight Unit: 5.2 kg - 16 lbs/Shipped: 6.2 kg 17 lbs Electrode Cleaning Cycle Automatic Cleaning 30 seconds/10 mins. Use
pH Levels Approx. 5.5 pH to 9.9 pH - Depends on water source Ionization Production Continuous Flow Through Electrolysis
Water Temperature Limits 36 To 89 Degrees F Filter Duration Approx 1000 Gallons
Outer Unit Housing Singular Unit & Filter Housings || ||
Chlorine Reduction Greater than 0.05 PPM Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor
Water Pressure Tolerances 9 - 70 PSI Filter Replacable Cartridge
Unit Operation Automatic Ionization Start Filter Composition Activated Carbon With Silver Impregnation
Hot Water Shutoff Temperature Sensor/Auto Shutoff Required Water Source Municipal & Well Source


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