Water  Ionizer   Systems
Magnetized water has therapeutic effects on the body's digestive, nervous and urinary systems. Technos Water Ionizer



One of the most significant antioxident
advances of our generation.
A liquid antioxidant.
Balances body pH.
The most economical available!
Powerful detoxifier.
Hydrates the body.

(Unlimited one year manufacturing warrantee)

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Masterpiece Water  Ionizer

The TECHNOS is a completely new water ionizer to the US market, which employs state of the art MICOM technology. This unit stands up to any other unit on the market, guarantied to produce ionized water at the desired level. With 5 levels to choose from, the optimal ionization level is easily obtained. It is easily installed in minutes at any sink in the house or office. Water Ionizers will one day be in nearly every house in the United States and will become as common as the Microwave Oven or Television.

Features of the TECHNOS

  • pH Selection Range Increased to 5 levels
  • Automatic cleaning when machine turns on (This can manually be turned off).
  • Extended Product Life by Self-Cleaning Mechanism.
  • Platinum Titanium Electrodes.
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty - 2 Year Warranty Available
  • Carbon Filter removes chlorine and other harmful elements from tap water
  • Automatic Indicator Alert when Filter Needs to be Changed
  • Easy installation of unit next to sink
  • Comes with Everything to Install Unit
  • Extra calcium addition to water through calcium port.
  • Fully automated system using MICOM artificial intelligence with 4 meg ram semiconductor
  • Overheating prevention, including hot-water automatic shut-off
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Automatic turn-on, shut-off