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 now and as a young police officer


It sounds incredible and no one knows how it works-but thousands of suffering people swear MAGNETS have cured their pain. For ex-copper Gordon Law, life was 30 years of agony after a villain stabbed him in the back. He tried everything medicine could offer but nothing worked-until he slipped a simple magnetic bracelet over his wrist. Gordon, 54, explained: "I was on the most extreme painkillers, heavy doses of morphine and methadone and I also went for unorthodox treatments like acupuncture. "I tried everything apart from witch doctors dancing over me to stop the pain-and I would have done that if I could have found a witch doctor!" It was a year before Gordon could return to desk duties after the brutal attack in Birmingham. At first surgeons told him he'd never even get out of bed because of his spinal injuries. He went on: "Then I was in a wheelchair and they told me I'd never get out of that either. But I did that too. "Now all I need is crutches. But ever since the stabbing I suffered from excruciating pain in my legs and back. "Sometimes it was so bad I punched and kicked the wall until my hands or feet were bloody, just to distract me. The pain was that bad. "Nothing helped and by the time a pal suggested using magnets a couple of years ago I was prepared to try anything. "To be honest, I was extremely cynical at first but I can tell you now it is nothing less than a miracle. "I feel as if the shackles have fallen away and I've been given a new lease of life. It is just absolutely amazing.

"Even my own doctor wears a magnet now! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone."


JUMPING FOR JOY: Prize-winning horse April and her magnetic boots

HORSE lover Gail Rawlings was in tears when vets advised that her champion mare April would have to be shot after breaking a leg.

She said no-and April is once again winning showjumping competitions at the grand age of 25, thanks to a pair of magnetic boots! Gail, 34, of Whitchurch, Bristol, tried the boots in desperation after a friend came up with the bizarre idea. She said: "Quite frankly I was flabbergasted by the results. On the day the vet came I literally had the local abattoir on standby to come and turn her into petfood.

She could barely move. "Yet I put the boots on her on Monday evening, and by Wednesday morning she was walking around her stables. A week later she was running around in the fields and soon after that she was back jumping fences like a filly.

"It's like a 70-year-old woman with a broken hip who couldn't walk suddenly making a full recovery and running the London Marathon."




MAGNET treatment has a high-class history. Cleopatra stuck them on her head to help preserve her beauty, Elizabeth I had them for arthritis and US President Bill Clinton uses them for backache.

The therapy works on the theory that illness, usually diagnosed as a chemical problem and treated with drugs, can also be down to an imbalance of electrical energy in the body. By passing low-frequency, pulsating magnetic waves through different parts of the body, tiny electric currents occur.

It is thought these currents are similar to the body's own repair signals, which increase blood flow and oxygen.

Ordinary magnets which are placed on the skin are thought to relieve symptoms of aches and pains.

Teresa Hale, owner of The Hale Clinic in Central London which offers magnetic therapy, said: "We have had people with arthritis whose hands have uncurled in three weeks of treatment. We have also found it has helped people with osteoporosis."

You can call the Hale Clinic on 0171 631 0156 or visit weblinks at



ENGLAND and Sheffield Wednesday soccer star John Fantham was left with chronic leg pains at the end of his grueling 14-year career.

Now 61, he confessed: "I was beginning to feel like an old man of 90. I'd get out of bed with all my joints aching, and I couldn't go up and down the stairs without creaking. I like a game of golf but it was becoming difficult to actually finish a round.

"You can imagine the hammering my legs got as a professional footballer when I was younger. The injuries were coming back to haunt me.

"Doctors had taken x-rays which showed the bone was simply worn away and all I could see for the future was it getting worse and worse." Then a pal told his 87-year-old mother about magnotherapy and she passed on the advice.

John said: "Well, of course I was a bit suspicious at first. I mean it sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? How can wearing magnets help? I thought it was all a load of old rubbish.

"But then I was persuaded to actually try it. It took about two weeks before it hit home, but then I realized I was feeling a lot better. My joints felt far more supple, the pain was relieved and I can actually stand by the tee and take a swing without creaking or cracking!"

The father of two, who now runs his own business buying and selling machine tools, added: "The magnet comes on a wristband or bracelet which you wear over your pulse. I've no idea how it works, I'm just glad it does. I know the magnet is powerful enough to pick up a bunch of keys, but apart from that I'm happy to be in ignorance.

"Lots of people come up to me wondering what it is I'm wearing on my wrist and they're intrigued when I tell them. Most want to find out for themselves if it works or not."

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