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We Provide Dental Education Models Training Simulators Manikins And Related Items To Dentistry Medical Schools, Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Orthodontic And Periodontal Courses, Health Professional Providers.

We are welcome custom orders from dentistry industry, medical universities science research labs and educational institutions

We deliver our superb quality dentistry education models academy teaching resources include: oral anesthesia, tooth extraction, hygiene, oral x-ray simulators life-like manikin. Manikins and simulators phantoms life-like, actively used for dental techniques training, and hands-on experience in class-rooms.

Dental Models Simulators

Most realistic life-like dental models smart oral anesthesia simulation phantom practicing training simulator manikin phantom audio and visual indicators

Dental Manikins Phantom

Dental manikins simulators phantom head & X-Ray training students use gain experience to simulate practice patients dental techniques in dentistry schools

Anatomical Models

Anatomical models for college teaching and medical education learning human anatomy, organs function, structure, pathology