Smooth Run Equine Story
Smooth Run Equine Story Began In 2001 When Professional Rider Linda Stenerson’s Droodmare Became Ill After Giving Birth.
Smooth Run Plus is specially formulated for horses with moderate to high intensity levels of activity or performance and horses that can benefit from added joint support.

Smooth Run Equine’s patented digestive blend Supplements and Colostrum works directly in the gut to reduce inflammation, promote epithelial growth and repair, improve nutrient absorption and promote colonization of the digestive tract by beneficial flora, effectively supporting gut health and gut immunity

Harnessing ‘Horsepower’ One Supplement at a Time
The Smooth Run Equine story began in 2001 when pro rider Linda Stenerson’s broodmare became ill after giving birth. As conventional treatments failed, the mare came close to death with the treating Vet advising her to put the mare down. A close friend discouraged this idea and instead, brought her a bag of bovine colostrum and probiotic powder created by microbiologist Dr. Jung Fu Wu. To their amazement, within three months the mare was standing tall and had regained her health and weight

and her foal was thriving. Stenerson was so impressed with the improvements in her mare’s health that she wanted to meet the man behind this miracle product. Stenerson met with Dr. Wu to learn more about his all-natural, immunity-modulating ingredients and this lead to a partnership and the official launch of Smooth Run Equine.

Today Smooth Run Equine continues to offer innovative equine supplements that support optimal health and performance in horses of all stages of life through a unique Immunity Positioning System (IPS). In 2014, Smooth Run Equine was acquired by MicroBasics, Inc., a market leader in animal nutrition and immune health. MicroBasics combines the best of animal science, nutrition and technology to develop the most advanced natural products available today, so adding Smooth Run Equine to their portfolio of products was an ideal fit for both companies

Smooth Run Equine has recognized the trend towards safe, natural and non-residue, non-drug animal health and nutrition practices. At Smooth Run Equine we start with inspiration, a vision of what challenges our customers experience and what solutions nature can offer. Progressive thinking creates a new perspective – how can we combine various essential ingredients to create products that works consistently and improves the health of your horse. Smooth Run Equine’s combination of technologies has been thoughtfully crafted by the most recognized scientists in the world.

“Bovine Colostrum: Nature’s Nutritional Super Shot
For centuries, the immunoglobulin-rich first milk produced by lactating cows has been used in all animal breeds and humans to naturally increase energy levels, reduce the risk of upper respiratory illnesses and help repair unbalanced and immature digestive tracts responsible for gastric distress and diarrhea. Today many consider colostrum to be the ideal alternative to antibiotics and steroids.

Colostrums’ Effectiveness Varies Based on its Source and How it is Processed.

All colostrum is not created equal and should be evaluated before use. Smooth Run Equine uses only first colostrum which is collected within the first 16 hours after calving and the calf has received adequate amounts. Research has shown that colostrum should be from a dairy, where there is no use of hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. It should be prepared without freezing and excessive heat. It should be water soluble, and for best effect, in a powder form. The colostrum provided by our IPS has been processed with care. Using low-heat pasteurization, low-heat indirect drying and low-pressure procedures, the fragile colostral proteins are protected and the efficacy and bioavailability of the colostrum are preserved. Colostrum needs to be specially micronized and homogenized and very few brands currently offer this.

Colostrum combines all of the crucial immune and growth factors in the perfect combination to promote and protect life. The potent array of immune factors contained within colostrum, such as immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG and IgM), PRPs, cytokines and lactoferrin, are major players in supporting and maintaining a balanced immune system. These components work synergistically with one another to reduce inflammation and to provide broad spectrum defense against pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses. The many growth factors (EGF, FGF, TGH-α, etc…) contained in colostrum’s arsenal act to repair damage to the gut lining and restore gut integrity. Colostrum has even been shown to increase the surface area of the intestinal lining, thereby improving nutrient absorption.

Current research has shown that colostrum is one of the most important nutritional supplements available for enhancing and helping in tissue repair. It facilitates the balancing of the intestinal flora, stabilizes the immune status of the gut, and aids in digestion and proper motility of the bowel. Since 70% of the immunoglobulins come from Peyer’s Patches in the intestinal tract, and 90% of all toxins, bacteria, viruses and fungi enter the body through the gut, it only makes sense that we should concentrate our efforts on this organ system.