acupuncture model

Acupuncture Model 20" Female With Points, Meridians, Booklet

Acupuncture Model Female 20"

Acupuncture Female Model 20 Inch Acupuncture Female Model 20 Inch

Buyamag INC


This acupuncture model female 20" tall, Includes 69 page Book with. Model Shows 14 Meridians and 360 Acupuncture Points. Made from Not Breakable Durable soft vinyl material. This Combination Model shows : the Right side shows Muscles and Skeletal Structure. And the Left side shows: Important and Extraordinary Acupuncture Points and Meridians. Acupuncture Model made from durable soft vinyl material.

47 Extra Ordinary Points are also shown. 69 page Book Included with description: Acupuncture Points Meridians Location, Names, and Treatment Indication, Annotated in both English and Chinese.

Acupuncture Model Female 20"


Mounted on a Stone Base