Brain In Skull 7 Part

Brain In Skull 7 Part

NPDA75 Brain 7 Part NPDA75 Brain 7 Part

Buyamag INC


Portraying the base of the human head, this life-size non breakable replica features a detailed Brain, complete with Arterial Blood Vessels, including the Basilar Artery and Circle of Willis, Cranial Nerves, and dissectible Brain Stem.

The entire Brain can be lifted from the Cranial Vault and separated in Seven Parts. The right Cerebral hemisphere divides along its length following the border of the corpus Callosum, while the left can be split to expose the Posterior Horn of the lateral Ventricle and Hippocampus. Dissections of the Cranial Floor expose the Eyeball, its Muscles, Lacrimal Gland, Optic Nerve, and the Middle and Inner Rar.

107 numbered features are identified in the accompanying Key Card.

Overall dimensions: 8x9x6 inches (17x22x15cm).