cuspid lok orthodontic model

Cuspid - Lok Model With Orthodontic Hardware Braces & Wire

Cuspid - Lok Model & Orthodontic Braces Wire

NP Cuspid-Lok & Orthodontic Braces Wire Model NP Cuspid-Lok & Orthodontic Braces Wire Model

Buyamag INC


Most Detailed Cuspid-Lok model combine with orthodontic techniques, Braces & Wire. A Visual patient educational aide surgical model, shows Cusp-Lok with Braces. Model explaining orthodontic-challenges with the surgery procedures.

The model includes three different styles of the Cusp-Lok Bracket: Cusp-Lok 360 Swivel, Cusp-Lok I Mini Low Profile, Cusp-Lok II regular profile, also Orthodontic Braces and Wire.

Sturdy Carrying Case - included.

This Cuspid-Lok & Orthodontic Pathologies Model can help surgery dental patients & students understand: human pathologies, treatment, how to repair them, combine dental surgery and orthodontic techniques.

Cuspid-Lok orthodontic model features :

  • Cuspid-Lok Model Combine with Orthodontic Techniques, Hardware Braces & Wire
  • Cusp-Lok 360 Swivel
  • Cusp-Lok I Mini Low Profile
  • Cusp-Lok II regular profile
  • Standard Orthodontic Braces and Wire
  • Sturdy Carrying Case with soft Foam - included