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Magnetic Belts Insert For People Over 210 Pounds Spot Body Magnet Magnet Therapy

Magnetic Therapy Spot Plate Applicator Pouch Insert Magnetic Therapy Spot Plate Applicator Pouch Insert

Buyamag INC


Magnetic belt pouch flexible insert size: 6" x 5". This insert will give additional functional magnetic field penetration power.

The magnetic belt can be upgraded with an this additional 6" X 5" flexible magnetic unit Insert (800 Gauss). Magnetic unit Insert will fit in a special pouch provided on the belt.

Or can be used spot body magnet separately on other joints, parts of the body

Always consult with doctor before use any alternative therapies. Magnets are not a medical FDA registered device. Magnets are not replacement for professional medical treatment.

Kip out reach of children. Not use magnets if wear a Pace Maker or other medical devices.