teeth extraction model

Dental Tooth Extraction Practicing Training Combo Periodontal Hygiene Typodont - DP Articulated

Tooth Extraction Peridontal Combo

NPI211DP400G Teeth Extraction Model NPI211DP400G Teeth Extraction Model

Buyamag INC


Dental tooth extraction model with clear soft transparent gingivae, Included: 28 anatomically rooted removable, reusable teeth, DP articulator.

This typodont - model used for teeth extraction teaching, learning, gain correct professional experience, practicing and training. All teeth - removable, durable ( long - life reusable ), and can be easily reinserted back for multiple times usage and long practice in dental schools and home settings.

Life-like superior dental teeth anatomy in comparison to other rooted typodont - models. Typodont can be mounted on rod bench mount, or on chair mount, dental simulator head phantom