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Dental Chair Head-Rest Clamp Glide Bar Or Bench Mount Versatile Universe

Dental Chair Head Rest Mount & Clamp Glide Bar

NPR1446CBM3A Universal Dental Chair HeadRest Or Bench Mount NPR1446CBM3A Universal Dental Chair HeadRest Or Bench Mount

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Dental Replacement "O Ring - Lock
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Dental Chair Head-Rest-Bench Mount. This practice manikin mount can be easy attached with the C-Clamp to the glide bar of a Dental Chair Head-Rest, or to a Bench.

Mount comes with a DP Lock to hold the mandible open. The pole on this mount has a Sophisticated Ball-Joint with a Lock Handle for tilting the Typodont or Manikin, to any desired position: moving it from side to side, and lock it in desired position. Simulator Head can be adjusted up or down on Rod 8" long, rotates a Full 360 degrees, allowing virtually any Manikin Position desired.

Chair Mount strong "C" Clamp device grips metal plate supporting the headrest of most modern chairs. Supplied with Universal ball-joint which allows for rotation of head into a variety of positions. Easily attaches to the Dental Chair Head-Rest, and you're ready for practice in the dental school or at home.

Made of Stainless Steel polished, Anodize coating. Mount can hold a heavy Head Phantom Simulator. Used in dental schools, students at home practicing.

Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practicing Dental Work & students experience training . American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental Manikins