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NPDC Dental Universal Post Removal Master Kit 25 pc NPDC Dental Universal Post Removal Master Kit 25 pc

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This Universal Dental Post Deluxe Remover - Extractor Kit - 25pc. Removing posts from root canals prior to endodontic treatment is often a challenge. The Universal Post Remover kit is coming from France the old GONON post remover, which had to be modified to face most of the clinical situations met in modern dentistry. With the new version, we are able to remove most of the posts available in the market. Is especially designed for Removing whole Posts from Root Canal or Broken ones inside the Root with improved efficiency and smooth performance. It can be used on Posts made of steel, gold and stainless steel. When Dentist Challenged with removing an old metal post during Root Canal re-treatment, many Dentists looking for the assistance of ultrasonic tips. But others avoid this option. Instead choosing a surgical route to ensure any remaining tooth structure is not compromised. Thomas Universal Post Remover was re-designed by Dr. Pierre Machtou (Paris, France). Taking all possible clinical situations into consideration, and all types of posts: passive metal, active threaded metal, ceramic, and fiber. Thomas Universal Post Remover comes in a sterilizable metal box, and contains all the necessary Instruments to remove posts easy, safely and effectively. The principle of the Thomas Universal Post Remover is similar to a corkscrew. The post and the tooth are separated by pitting the tooth against the post and creating enough force for removal. Kit include four different tool sizes for easy access. Kit and components are Made in France of Quality Stainless Steel. This allows a perfect cleaning, sterilization without rust. Safely and Quickly Remove Broken Dental Posts. Include: 4 different sizes instruments for easy Post Removal, 1 pointer drill , 1 FG Diamond bur, 1 Peeso Reamer Nr2, 8 trephine burs of different diameters, 8 tubular taps counter clockwise, 1 plier with screwing knob, 2 sets of metalic and silicone washers different diameters, 2 supporting tubes , 1 pliers, 1 Metal Carrying/Storage Case Size: 6 x 4 x 2, Material: Quality Stainless Steel, Made in France.