Smokeless Tobacco Mouth Model

Smokeless Tobacco User Dental Model Educational Simulator

Smokeless Tobacco

HERT79152 Smokeless Tobacco User Mouth Set Model HERT79152 Smokeless Tobacco User Mouth Set Model

Buyamag INC


Hinged Dental Oral Model of Teeth, Tongue, Oral Cavity. Shows the damaging effect on the whole Mouth from Smokeless Tobacco Use.

This detailed Dental Model is hand painted, three times normal size, mounted on a wooden base. This Dental Model used in Dental and Medical Schools by teachers and students, with educational programs for easy understanding and learning of Human Anatomy, Functions and pathology. Also used in doctors offices and legal presentations.

Includes a bottle with tobacco that can be used to make tobacco Juce.

Size: 6" x 4" x 8"