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Dental Tooth Extraction Practicing Training Combo Periodontal Hygiene Typodont - DP Articulated

Tooth Extraction Peridontal Combo

NPCDFKMC210C Teeth Extraction Periodontal Model NPCDFKMC210C Teeth Extraction Periodontal Model

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DP Articulated 32 Tooth Extraction Practicing, Training Typodont-Model with Periodontal Disease. Included: 32 Anatomically Rooted Removable Teeth, with DP articulator. Can be mounted on a dental chair mount. Typodont - Model used for periodontal Practicing, Training. The Teeth are Durable ( long - life ), Reusable, and  Can be Used Multiple Times.  After Extraction Procedure, the Teeth Roots Recommended Deep in Glue ( if needed )  to Create Natural Resistance Feeling with Next Extraction Procedure. Anatomically-rooted teeth; osseous and gingival defects, Inflammation; demonstrating case patterns Type I, II, III and IV (as listed in "Current Procedural Terminology for Periodontal", third edition). Excellent for Dental Schools students Tooth Extraction Techniques Procedure Practicing, training, for students demonstrations and also for legal presentations. Calulus cleaning procedure practicing. With DP Articulator This Typodont Will Fit to any Dental Manikins/Simulators on our web pages.