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Implants With Sinuses Lift Model 2 Bridges Surgery 7 Implants Models Dental Operative

NP1446RI104 Sinus lift 7 Implants 2 bridges model NP1446RI104 Sinus lift 7 Implants 2 bridges model

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Dental restoration model shows: implants, bridges, sinuses lift. Upper and lower jaws transparent clear base patient education model has: 7 Implants, sinuses lift, and 2 bridges, anatomically rooted teeth.

Excellent dental restoration combo model, include most popular dentistry restoration techniques. Increase your dental practice. Improve and support professional confidence, doctor-patient communication  

Mandibular arch shows: full denture on 4 Implants with the posterior Implants at a 30 degree angle to simulate the "all on four", screws,  also shows the nerves.

Maxillary arch shows: 3 Implants and 2 Bridges. Maxillary arch has: a Implant supported tooth on the Central, standard Bridge, Implants supported Bridge.

Used in dental schools for teaching students dental techniques and restoration procedures. Also for patients education, presentation. 

Comes on a transparent clear stand