dental x-ray manikin simulator model phantom head

Dental X-Ray Manikin Simulator Phantom Head Radiopaque Complete

Dental X-Ray Manikin Adult Complete

NPDFX1446 Dental X-Ray Simulator Adult Complete NPDFX1446 Dental X-Ray Simulator Adult Complete

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Dental Replacement Cranium Face Mask Adult
- +

Replacement Jaws( Radio-Opaque Jaws Typodont Teeth )
- +

X-Ray Simulator Phantom Manikin Bite Mechanism Close Open Mouth
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Replacement Tongue
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Dental X-Ray Manikin Adult Complete
Dental X-Ray Manikin Radiopaque special training Simulator included: Cranium Head, Quick Disconnect Magnetic Typodont Radio-Opaque Metal Teeth, Flexible Finger for Holding Film (see larger photo). Build-in Open/Close Mouth Adjustment (Bite-Mechanism) Flexible Cranium Mask, Chair Mount and Latex Life-Like Movable Soft Tongue. Radio-Opaque Typodont Jaws Fully Articulated, Mounted on Magnetic Quick Disconnect Trays with Sliding Clamps. Assembled on Dental Chair Mount. The Soft Flexible Skin-Like Flexible Cranium Mask Included with Manikin, made of strong, hard to brake Vinyl. Provides Life-Like Patient Simulation and long years of usage. Flexible Cranium Mask is Extremely Durable and Resistant to Tearing. Tongue- Movable Life-Like Color Soft Rubber Material. Placed over the Cranium it completes the Armamentarium necessary to prepare students for Clinical Dentistry Training. Will fit compatible with any Dental Manikin: X-Ray Dental Manikin, Hygiene Dental Manikin or Cranium Dental Training Models Chair Mount - Included: Design with Full Floating Streamline Ball Joint. Heavy-Duty Chair Mounts are made in a high Quality, Stainless - Steel, material with non-stainless portions, clear coat. Rotates a Full 360 degrees allowing virtually any Manikin Position desired. To lock or release: simply rotate lever 1/4 turn. Excellent Functional Dental X-Ray Training Model to simulate a Dental Patient, for practicing students in Dental Schools, Colleges Setting. Most popular Manikin for teaching dental students, Promotes Procedural skills, experience in practicing performing Dental X-Ray Images. Shipped fully assembled, ready for use.

American-Made every step in the production of the Dental Manikins

Dental X-Ray Manikin Dental Phantom Model X-Ray
Mouth Open/Close Mechanism
Dental X-Ray Manikin Dental Phantom Model Denture Simulator Dental X-Ray

Life-like Soft Latex Tongue