Orthodontic Ligature tying Simulator

Orthodontic Training Ligature Tying Techniques Auxiliary Simulator/Manikin Bench Or Chair Mount Complete

NP Orthodontic Training Simulator Manikin Chair Mount Complete NP Orthodontic Training Simulator Manikin Chair Mount Complete

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Orthodontic Simulator - Select Mount :

Orthodontc Model 28 Teeth Ligature Tying Typodont Manikin
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Replacement Rubber Mask
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Orthodontic techniques ligature tying practice training simulator manikin complete, ready for practice. Used by students to simulate a Orthodontic Patient for orthodontic techniques training in schools, home or clinic setting. It is possible to perform various orthodontic professional techniques types: Ligature Tying, installation of orthodontic brackets, wires, and more others ..., training effectively.

Simulator - Manikin Includes: cranial Head, Orthodontic typodont & teeth with orthodontic parts, mount of your choice, rubber stretchable flexible soft mask.

Mount of your choice: select when ordering: Universal Chair/Bench Mount, Chair Mount, or Portable Floor mount.

It can be easily installed to a dental chair in dental colleges, clinics so you can use it anytime you want. Simulator Training Manikin Include heavy duty mount of you choice. Made in a High Quality, Stainless Steel Mount of your choice, select when ordering. Or on floor mount without dental chair.

Face Mask: Stretchable Flexible, Soft Rubber Mask

Orthodontic Typodont Model: Articulated, 28 Teeth on screws & orthodontic appliances parts, pink gingivae.

Simulator Easily Attach to Chair or Bench Mount with Universal Mount:

Universal Chair Bench Mounts: - Made in a High Quality, Stainless Steel Material. Full Floating Streamline Ball Joint rotates a Full 360 degrees allowing virtually any head Position desired. To lock simply rotate lever 1/4 turn. Universal "C" Clam easily attaches to any dental chair or bench top. Heavy-duty ball joints allows exact patient simulation positioning.


Orthodontic Techniques Training Simulator Manikin with Universal chair bench mount:

Orthodontic Simulator that accurately simulate real life Orthodontic Patient for Practicing Procedures, Techniques
  • Ligature Tying, Brackets installation or any other orthodontic techniques
  • Teaching demonstration or orthodontic procedures practice, requirements of any institution
  • Each Tooth Equipped with required appropriate Orthodontic Parts: Brackets, Wire
  • Teeth Removable 28 on Screws - included, (easy to replace available )
  • Head Manikin: Included
  • Mount of your choice - Select when ordering
  • Rubber Mask: - Stretchable Flexible Soft with anatomical Ears - Included
  • Orthodontic Typodont Model: - Articulated, 28 teeth, Soft Gingiva, - Included

Orthodontic manikin with universal chair mount bellow:

Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practical work & students experience training . American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental Manikins.