tdp infrared lamps

Infrared TDP Lamp CQ-33 Double Head Mineral Wave Original Manufactured

Mineral Wave Original Manufactured

TDP Infrared Manual Timer Lamp Double Heads NPCQ33 TDP Infrared Manual Timer Lamp Double Heads NPCQ33

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2  Heads, 4.5" diameter each

2 Standard Timers

Infrared TDP lamp double heads Includes: two Heads 4.5", with Magnetic Mineral Formation "Black Body" Plates with 33 minerals: Fe, Se, Mn, Zn, Co, Ni, Cu, Cr and K elements essential for the human body. Far Infrared Ray ranges from 2-25 microns, and 28-34 mw/ intensity. Has same Features and usage as CQ-27 TDP lamps. The benefit of this model is: two points of the body can be treated the same time to increase outcome results in shorter time. The reason for that is: If two points of the same energy meridian treated simultaneously , the energy blockage opens faster and promote vital energy flow in energy meridian. This model popular most by health care practitioners: Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, MD, Naturopat Doctors , Individuals.


  • 2 Built-in Mechanical Timers
  • 2 Heads 4.5" Each
  • 2 Manual Timers
  • Shortage Protected with 2 Fuses
  • 2 Mineral Plates (lasts 1200 hours)
  • Power --- 110 volt
  • Original Manufactured
  • Rolling Base ---- 5 Shoulders, 5 Castors
  • Dual adjustable multi-position heads
  • Grounded Cord 7 ' long