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Golfer Magnetic Leather Belts Therapy Sports And Fashion

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Brown 30" waist Golf Magnetic Leather Belt Brown 30" waist Golf Magnetic Leather Belt

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Magnetic Belt :

12 magnets placed inside the belt spaced for maximum benefit

Leather Magnetic Belts Sport-Fashion Belts With 12 Biomagnetic Disks.

Leather Magnetic Belts Combine:

12 Neodymium Nickel Plated Biomagnetic Disks. The strongest Permanent Biomagnets. They provide unipole (North Polarity), deep biomagnetic field penetration. Manufacturers gauss rating 20.000 gauss. Size adjust Belt "A": flip the "lock" remove the buckle, cut the belt to desired size, attach the buckle and "lock" it.

They provide wide area of UNIFORMED North Polarity Penetration. Uniformed Magnetic Field Penetration Provide Complete Body Coverage of the Desired Area, Wrap Around Waist for Relief of Muscle Tension, Muscle Spasm and gain Blood Circulation, Flexibility, Comfort, Body Balance, Well Being.

Magnetic Leather Belts - Fashion Belts combines Natural Biomagnetic Energies and Natural Materials. Includes Natural 12 Biomagnetics Concealed in a Beautiful Sport-Fashion, all Genuine Leather Magnetic Belts. Magnetic Belts - Safe, Non Invasive, Easy to use, Great Looking. We Guaranty, the Biomagnets Will Never Loses their Permanent Magnetic Strength in Each Magnetic Unit in The Belt!

Magnetic Power Belts 12 Magnets build-in


"As seen on the Golf Channel."
Made in USA.