female reproductive organs model

Female Pelvis 1st. Trimester Pregnancy & Removable

Female Genital Organs

NPDWT77 female reproductive modelregnancy NPDWT77 female reproductive modelregnancy

Buyamag INC


Reproductive female genital organs with pregnancy, external genitalia, and features a removable 12-week Embryo. Pelvis Compatible with all Multi-Torso configurations, each Pelvic Insert rests on its own hardwood display base or can be install it into your Multi-Torso Model. 100% American-made, every step in the production of every Autographed Anatomy model - molding, hand sanding, hand painting, number-coding.


  • Pelvis Bisected
  • Reproductive Structures
  • External Genitalia
  • Removable 12-week Embryo.